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Masuma ZawariAssistant Research Fellow

BBiomedSc(Hons), PhD (Otago)

Tel +64 3 378 6159

Research interests

Dr Masuma Zawari is investigating vitamin C and other biomarkers in different patient cohorts. She is also assessing the redox status of peroxiredoxins in human blood samples.


Carr, A. C., Vlasiuk, E., Zawari, M., Scott-Thomas, A., Storer, M., Maze, M., & Chambers, S. T. (2023). Low vitamin C concentrations in patients with community-acquired pneumonia resolved with pragmatic administration of intravenous and oral vitamin C. Antioxidants, 12, 1610. doi: 10.3390/antiox12081610

Lunt, H., Carr, A. C., Heenan, H. F., Vlasiuk, E., Zawari, M., Prickett, T., & Frampton, C. (2023). People with diabetes and hypovitaminosis C fail to conserve urinary vitamin C. Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology, 31, 100316. doi: 10.1016/j.jcte.2023.100316

Carr, A. C., & Zawari, M. (2023). Does aging have an impact on vitamin C status and requirements? A scoping review of comparative studies of aging and institutionalisation. Nutrients, 15, 915. doi: 10.3390/nu15040915

Carr, A. C., Vlasiuk, E., Zawari, M., Meijer, N., Lauren, C., MacPherson, S., Williman, J., & Chambers, S. T. (2022). Supplementation with oral vitamin C prior to and during myeloablative chemotherapy and autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A pilot study. Antioxidants, 11(10), 1949. doi: 10.3390/antiox11101949

Holford, P., Carr, A. C., Zawari, M., & Vizcaychipi, M. P. (2021). Vitamin C intervention for critical COVID-19: A pragmatic review of the current level of evidence. Life, 11, 1166. doi: 10.3390/life11111166

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