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Improving patient health outcomes with bench-to-bedside nutrient research

Our bodies have an absolute requirement for essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Inadequate nutrient status impacts negatively on patient health outcomes and severe deficiency can increase patient morbidity and mortality.

We are particularly interested in vitamin C as depletion of this essential nutrient occurs during various acute and chronic illnesses, such as during severe infections and cancer therapy. Depleted vitamin C status can also predispose towards specific illnesses, such as acute respiratory infections.

Our translational research

We carry out nutrient-based clinical studies with the aim to prevent and treat various acute and chronic illnesses. We also carry out laboratory-based biomarker studies with the aim to improve understanding of the mechanistic underpinnings to help inform best clinical practice. Overall, our objective is to have a positive impact on patient health outcomes and quality of life.

Our key research areas

Community outreach

We provide information and education to the community about nutrients and health.

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