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Annelise Basevi

Topic: Improving our clinical systems and care to help our patients have a better experience.
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Richardson, Les Toop, Dr Paul Abernethy
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Matthew Chamberlain

Topic: Psychological impact of September 2010 and subsequent earthquakes on Christchurch general practice patients.
Supervisors: Dee Mangin, Cerina Altenburg
Sponsor: The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners

Thomas Chima

Topic: Randomised controlled trial of a consultation-based decision aid for hip fracture prevention.
Supervisors: Ben Hudson, Pip Mason
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Annabel Ludeke

Topic: Health literacy in general practice: describing practice nurses' understanding of health literacy.
Supervisors: Gillian Abel, Lynley Cook, Philip Schluter, Ramai Lord, Maria Pasene
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Georgie Malcolm

Topic: Developing an evidence based pathway for UTI management in the primary/urgent care setting.
Supervisors: Dee Mangin, Co-supervisor: Louisa Sullivan
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Lucy Peterson

Topic: Reducing barriers to practice nurse involvement in general cervical screening and understanding effective methods of inviting and engaging priority women in cervical screening in general practice.
Supervisors: Ruth Savage, Kim Burgess, Jackie Cooper
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury PHO


Ronald Puni

Topic: Pacific people and non-financial factors influencing access to mainstream general practice services.
Supervisors: Lynley Cook, Gillian Abel
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Georgie Allison

Topic: Development of a decision aid for patients with osteoporosis considering pharmacological fracture prevention.
Supervisors: Ben Hudson, Pip Mason, Kelly Robertson
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Neela Bhana

Topic: Managing patient expectations about chronic pain.
Supervisors: Lee Thompson, John Alchin, Bronwyn Thompson
Sponsor: University of Otago, Divisional Scholarship

Kara Seers

Topic: The use of interpreter services in general practice in Canterbury.
Supervisors: Philip Schluter, Gillian Abel, Lynley Cook
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury

Nicole Sycamore

Topic: Drug utilisation study of paracetamol in the community in children aged under twelve years through paracetamol questionnaires.
Supervisors: Ruth Savage, Kathryn Henshaw
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Amber-Jane Wood

Topic: Understanding the learning needs of community pharmacists.
Supervisors: Les Toop and Kelly Robertson
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury


Nicole Coman-Wright

Topic: Cognition/behavioural function in long term SSRI antidepressant use: control group study.
Supervisor: Claire Dowson
Sponsors: New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women

Jasmine Gooda

Topic: Low dose antipsychotic use and metabolic side effects.
Supervisor: Dee Mangin
Sponsors: Pegasus Health

Katie Jefferson

Topic: Exploring and understanding the learning needs of general practice administration support staff.
Supervisor: Les Toop
Sponsors: Partnership Health Canterbury

Ronald Puni

Topic: Pacific people and non-financial factors influencing access to mainstream general practice services.
Supervisor: Lynley Cook
Sponsors: Partnership Health Canterbury

Rachael Stevenson

Topic: The Canterbury Methadone Maintenance Model of Care
Supervisors: Ian Sheerin, Les Toop, David Kerr
Sponsors: Pegasus Health

Talia Wise

Topic: Why do General Practitioners and practice nurses differ in their behaviours and attitudes towards performing and coding of CVD risk assessment?
Supervisors: Ruth Savage, Pip Mason
Sponsors: Partnership Health Canterbury

Abby Zarifeh

Topic: How effective do patients expect preventive interventions to be?
Supervisor: Ben Hudson
Sponsors: Pegasus Health


Monica Johnson

Topic: Polypharmacy in the elderly – evaluating the Pill Pruner project.
Supervisors: Dee Mangin, Andrea Copeland, Nikki Ford
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Mary McLeod

Topic: Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels in Type 2 diabetes, is it valuable?
Supervisors: Claire Dowson, Lorraine Young
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Dru Norriss

Topic: Efficiency and reach of community dietician services within Partnership Health Canterbury.
Supervisors: Ben Hudson, Pip Mason, Michael O'Dea, Jane Cartwright
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury

Ben Seers

Topic: Designing and improving patient flow through a busy 24 hour accident & medical/urgent after-hours general practice.
Supervisors: Paul Abernethy, Les Toop, Simon Brokenshire
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury


Lauren Cumberpatch

Topic: The views of older adults on medicine use in treatment and prevention.
Supervisors: Dee Mangin & Kim Burgess
Sponsor: The Canterbury Health Care of the Elderly Education Trust

Monica Johnson

Topic: Patient expectations for accessing after-hours health care in rural areas.
Awarded Best Speaker in the "Community" Category
Supervisors: Les Toop & Kelly Maw
Sponsor: Partnership Health Canterbury/Pegasus Health

Mary McLeod

Topic: Utilisation of practice management systems.
Supervisors: Calder Botting & Pip Mason
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Meagan McLeod

Topic: Type 2 Diabetes: Barriers to and facilitators of appropriate insulin use in General Practice.
Supervisors: Ben Hudson & Maggie Wilson
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Dru Norriss

Topic: The effectiveness of hypertension in diabetes screening and detection.
Supervisors: Phil Hider & Maggie Wilson
Sponsor: Pegasus Health


Dulia Halliday

Topic: General Practice Team Development Study
Supervisor: Les Toop, Co-Supervisors: Kelly Maw and Shelley Frost [Pegasus Health]
Sponsor: Partnership Health

Courtney Hore

Topic: Comparison of electrocardiography and echocardiography to detect the presence of left ventricular hypertrophy in a Maori community
Awarded Best Speaker in the "Community" Category
Supervisor(s): Suzanne Pitama, Vicky Cameron, John Irvine
Sponsor: Maurice & Phyllis Paykel Trust

Meagan McLeod

Topic: Comparison of the effectiveness of General Practice cervical screening systems
Supervisor: Dee Mangin, Co-Supervisor Vivian Daley [Pegasus Health]
Sponsor: Pegasus Health IPA

Te Kiriwera Wicksteed

Topic: An exploration of the preliminary echo findings in the Hauoroa Manawa/Community Heart Study
Supervisors: Suzanne Pitama, Vicky Cameron
Sponsor: HRC


Amy Chisholm

Topic: Psychoeducation and support for people affected by bipolar disorder: developing a community service evaluation questionnaire.
Supervisors: Carolyn Doughty, Jane Elmslie, Richard Porter [Depts Public Health & General Practice and Psychological Medicine]
Sponsor: Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

Anne-Marie Cumins

Topic: General Practice diabetes case detection audit.
Supervisors: Les Toop, Graham McGeoch and Maggie Wilson [Dept Public Health & General Practice and Pegasus Health]
Sponsor: Pegasus Health

Alasdair Duncan

Topic: Identification of evidence-based health promotion programmes for Healthy Christchurch.
Supervisors: Ann Richardson, Lisa Fitzgerald [Dept Public Health & General Practice]
Sponsor: Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

Gemma Griffin

Topic: Assessing the information-seeking behaviour, skills and needs of different clinical health professional groups at the CDHB.
Supervisors: Phil Hider, Edward Coughlan, Marg Walker [Dept Public Health & General Practice and Library]
Sponsor: Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

Nicholas Pascoe

Topic: A critical media analysis of print media reporting on the implementation of the Prostitution Reform Act, 2003-2006.
Supervisors: Lisa Fitzgerald, Gillian Abel, Cheryl Brunton [Dept Public Health & General Practice]
Sponsor: Health Research Council of NZ


Tamlin Clulow and Brenda Cournane

Topic: Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among people enrolled in general practice in Rangiora
Supervisors: Ian Sheerin, Alistair Humphrey, Greg Hamilton
Sponsors: Canterbury Rural Primary Health Organisation, Heart Foundation.

Charlotte Duncan

Topic: What are the drivers of PSA testing in Pegasus GPs?
Co-Supervisors: Paul Corwin, Dee Mangin
Sponsor: Otago Theme Bursary, University of Otago

Duncan Edwards

Topic: Evaluation of a pilot Pacific project
Supervisor: Ann Richardson
Sponsor: National Heart Foundation

Courtney Hore

Topic: Profile of experiences and needs of Mâori clients on the Christchurch methadone programme.
Supervisor: Paul Robertson
Sponsor: University of Otago

Kasey Tawhara

Topic: Attitudes of Maori towards genetic research
Supervisor: Suzanne Pitama
Sponsor: Cardioendocrine Theme Bursaries

Tim Weir

Topic: Post-reform reflections on prostitution legislation: analysis of Phase I context-setting focus groups.
Co-Supervisors: Gillian Abel, Lisa Fitzgerald
Sponsor: Public Health Theme


Jonathan Barnes

Topic: Pacific health community needs assessment: assessing both models and practice.
Supervisor: Karen Nero [MacMillan Brown Centre, Canterbury University], Co-supervisors: Pauline Barnett [Public Health CSMHS], Api Api Talimaitoga [Pacific Trust]

Yu-Hsing Cindy Chang

Topic: Audit of diabetes testing within selected general practices and estimates of type II diabetes among the Pacific population in Christchurch.
Supervisor: Pauline Barnett, Co-supervisors: Alistair Humphrey [Community Public Health/Pacific Trust]. Maggie Wilson [Pegasus Health]

Whitney Gillies

Topic: Impact of elective waiting times on acute demand for surgery.
Co-supervisors: Suzanne Pitama, Kay Poulsen [Chch Hospital].

Courtney Hore

Topic: Impact of patient flow project on successful discharge outcomes and patient perceptions of care.
Co-supervisors: Suzanne Pitama, Kay Poulsen [Chch Hospital]

Katie MacKay

Topic: National Needle Exchange Blood-borne Virus Seroprevalence Survey.
Supervisor: Cheryl Brunton, Co-supervisor: Charles Henderson [Needle Exchange NZ]

Kris Wilson

Topic:A comparison of parental attitudes towards complementary and alternative medicines in children.
Co-supervisors: Dee Richards and Claire Dowson


Tracy Haitana

Topic: From hospital waiting list to GP managed care.
Supervisor: Suzanne Pitama
Sponsored by Health Care of the Elderly Education Trust

Kate McBride

Topic: Evaluating the impact of the Health Sponsorship Council's SunSmart contract with Canterbury Tennis.
Supervisor: Pauline Barnett
Sponsored by the Health Sponsorship Council (SunSmart Programme)

Monique Scott

Topic: From hospital waiting list to active review.
Supervisor: Suzanne Pitama [co-supervisor, with Kay Poulsen]
Sponsored by the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

Karoline Lalahi

Topic: Complementary and alternative medication and therapy use by residents of resthomes in Christchurch
Supervisor: Paul Corwin
Sponsored by Age Concern Canterbury Inc

Non-departmental students

Paul Sweetsur

Topic: National Primary Medical Care Electronic Collection Feasibility Analysis
Supervisor: Peter Davis
Sponsored by the Public Health Research Theme (U of Otago)

Martin von Randow

Topic: National Primary Medical Care Survey Emergency Departments Analysis (NEDA)
Supervisor: Peter Davis
Sponsored by the Public Health Research Theme (U of Otago)

Alison White

Topic: Analysis of submissions on 'Towards a pesticides risk reduction policy for New Zealand'
Supervisor: Kevin Dewe
Sponsored by the Public Health Research Theme (U of Otago)


Christian Galbraith

Topic: New Zealand Socio-Economic index, 'A Users Guide'
Supervisor: Professor Peter Davis
Sponsor: Social Science Research Centre (SSRC), University of Canterbury

Matilda Hamilton

Topic: Why do some parents choose not to immunise their children?
Supervisors: Dr Paul Corwin and Dr Suzanne Gower
Sponsor: Child Health Research Foundation

Heath Lash

Topic: National Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunisation Attitudes Study

Dougal Thorburn

Topic: The National Primary Care Survey: an analysis of Maori patterns
Supervisor: Professor Peter Davis
Sponsor: Public Health Research Theme

Josie Toop

Topic: Analysis of assumptions about risk behaviours in health promotion/health education pamphlets used in primary care and public health.
Supervisor: Dr E W Plumridge
Department: Public Health and General Practice

Kathryn Whitehead

Topic: The Survey of New Zealand Hospital Nurses: analysis of open comments.
Supervisor: Dr Suzanne Gower
Sponsor: Canterbury Medical Research Foundation

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