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Refunds policy

Participants who enrol in, and pay, for a course that they subsequently cannot attend will be entitled to a refund in accordance with university policy relating to short courses as follows:

  • For withdrawal up to seven working days before course commencement, an administration fee of 10% will be retained
  • For withdrawal less than seven working days before course commencement a refund of 50% will be made at the discretion of the Course or Programme Director
  • Once a course has commenced, no refund will be given


The University reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrolments or other unforeseen circumstances, in such cases fees will be refunded in full.

Guidelines for resolving problems

The following principles and procedures have been adopted by the University for addressing academic concerns or grievances that a Continuing Education student may have relating to a short course, seminar, workshop or other similar event


  • Matters should be notified and addressed quickly, fairly, and as close as possible to the point of origin. (This will usually be those directly involved in the delivery or organisation of the event.)
  • The student may, with good reason, seek resolution of the matter at a higher level than that of the person/s most immediately involved.


Step 1: In the first instance the student should raise, discuss and seek resolution of the matter with the course facilitator/tutor

Step 2: If there is good reason for not raising the matter directly with the facilitator/tutor, or if the student is of the opinion that the matter has not been appropriately resolved at that level, then the student may request a meeting with the next level of management. This will vary, depending on the nature of the event and auspices under which it is being offered. In some instances the next level will be a Head of Department, in others a programme Director. Information on the appropriate person to approach is available from the Director, Summer School & Continuing Education. Both parties may invite a representative or support person to the meeting.

Step 3: If the matter remains unresolved after steps 1 and/or 2, then the student may refer it in writing to the level of Dean or Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC).

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