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How to proceed

1. Select the programme you wish to apply for from the list below

You will be taken to a page with more information about the programme, and a button to begin your application

2. Click the Apply Now button on that page

This will take you to the eVision login page where you can create your account.

3. Follow the steps to create your eVision account

Complete the steps and and submit your application.

Programmes available

Arts and Music Qualifications

Arts and Music Undergraduate

Arts and Music Postgraduate and Graduate

Arts and Science Qualifications

Arts and Science Undergraduate

Commerce Qualifications

Commerce Undergraduate

Commerce Postgraduate and Graduate

Dentistry Qualifications

Dentistry Undergraduate

Dentistry Postgraduate and Graduate

Education Qualifications

Education Undergraduate

Education Postgraduate and Graduate

Health Sciences Qualifications

Health Sciences Undergraduate

Health Sciences Postgraduate and Graduate

Higher Education Qualifications

Higher Education Postgraduate and Graduate

Law Qualifications

Law Undergraduate

Law Postgraduate and Graduate

Medicine Qualifications

Medicine Undergraduate

Medicine Postgraduate and Graduate

Pharmacy Qualifications

Pharmacy Undergraduate

Pharmacy Postgraduate and Graduate

Physical Education Qualifications

Physical Education Undergraduate

Physical Education Postgraduate and Graduate

Physiotherapy Qualifications

Physiotherapy Undergraduate

Physiotherapy Postgraduate and Graduate

Science Qualifications

Science Undergraduate

Science Postgraduate and Graduate

Surveying Qualifications

Surveying Undergraduate

Surveying Postgraduate and Graduate

Theology Qualifications

Theology Undergraduate

Theology Postgraduate and Graduate

Next step?

If you know what you want to study follow the instructions on this page to begin your application, or see

What are the entry requirements of the programme

First-year students website

The first-year students website has the information you need to make the most of your first year.

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