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Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn)


    The Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn) is a one-year intensive postgraduate degree for those who have already graduated with a bachelor's degree, or approved equivalent.

    This evidence-based programme may be endorsed in either Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary Education. You will study education and pedagogy (teaching in a New Zealand context and diversity and inclusion) and curriculum studies relevant to your chosen endorsement. You will complete a minimum of 80 days supervised professional practice in education settings, leading to evidence-based inquiry, and also attend Noho Marae.

    In addition to meeting the requirements for teacher registration and provisional certification in New Zealand, you will be enabled to become a teacher researcher as you move into the profession of teaching.

    Academic requirements for admission to the programme

    At least a B grade average in the final year major subject requirement of a bachelor's degree (at level 7 or above, requiring papers worth at least 360 points) or in the course components of a postgraduate qualification, is normally required for admission.


    Choose one of three endorsements, which will prepare you for teaching in a specific setting of the New Zealand education system:


    Applications open on 1 May and are due by 31 July.

    Places in our programmes are limited. You must apply for and be offered a place in the programme.

    Applications submitted between 1 August and 31 October will be considered if there are places remaining after applications submitted by 31 July have been considered.

    Applicants seeking to apply after 31 October need to contact the College of Education for eligibility:


    Details about what you need for your application are on the College of Education website:

    How to apply for a Teacher Education programme


    Tel 0800 TO TEACH (0800 868 3224)


    Regulations for the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn)

    1. Admission to the Programme

      1. Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities) on the advice of the Dean, College of Education, who must be satisfied that, in accordance with Section 224 of the Education and Training Act 2020, Section 255(5) (a) and (b), the applicant satisfies the minimum requirements for admission to an initial teacher education programme as specified by the relevant professional body.
      2. Every applicant must have:        
        1. a degree (at Level 7 or above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework) with an average grade of at least B in the final year major subject requirements for a bachelor's degree (requiring papers worth at least 360 points) or in the course components for a postgraduate qualification; or,
        2. alternative qualifications or experience acceptable to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities).
      1. At the time of selection a disposition to teach coupled with a proven academic record (B grade average) and appropriate levels of literacy and numeracy, and a commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi including te reo Māori proficiency will be sought. Applicants' suitability for the programme will be assessed by an interview.
      2. Applicants for the Secondary Education endorsement must possess a body of knowledge at NZQF levels 5-7 or higher within their entry qualification, relevant for teaching in particular secondary school subjects, as specified by the College of Education.

    2. Structure of the Programme

      Every programme of study must satisfy the requirements for one of the endorsements in the schedule of requirements for the degree.

    3. Duration of the Programme

      1. The duration of the programme shall normally be one calendar year of full-time study or its equivalent in part-time study.
      2. The programme of study must normally be completed within two years of admission by a full-time candidate, or within three years by a part-time candidate.

    4. Prerequisites, Corequisites and Restrictions

      1. Every programme of study shall satisfy the requirements for prerequisites, corequisites and restrictions set out in the Prescriptions (published in the Guide to Enrolment).

    5. Exclusion from the Programme

      A candidate may be excluded from further study towards the degree by the Associate Dean Initial Teacher Education, College of Education if the candidate:

      1. fails to make satisfactory academic progress (as defined by the Academic Progress policy);
      2. fails to pass a professional experience paper for a second time:        
        1. Early Childhood Education - EDUC 475
        2. Primary Education - EDUC 473
        3. Secondary Education - EDUC 478
      3. fails a component of the professional experience programme due to unprofessional or unethical behaviour, under which circumstances the student may be excluded from the professional component of the qualification.

    6. Withdrawal from and Readmission to the Programme

      1. A candidate who withdraws from the programme at any time and wishes to be readmitted to the programme at a later date shall be required to apply to the Associate Dean Initial Teacher Education, College of Education for readmission.
      2. The period of temporary withdrawal from the programme shall not normally exceed one year following the year of withdrawal.
      3. Applications for readmission should normally be received by the Associate Dean Initial Teacher Education, University of Otago College of Education no later than specified closing date for the programme.

    7. Level of Award of the Degree

      The degree may be awarded with distinction or with credit.

    8. Variations

      The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities) may in exceptional circumstances approve a course of study that does not comply with these regulations.

    This information must be read subject to the statement on our Copyright & Disclaimer page.

    Regulations on this page are taken from the 2024 Calendar and supplementary material.

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