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Study Archaeology at Otago

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Archaeology is the study of the material evidence of the human past. This evidence can include monumental structures like the ceremonial statues and platforms of Easter Island as well as smaller portable artifacts such as pots and stone tools.

Archaeologists may also study the buried foundation evidence of structures and the remains of animals and plants used by ancient peoples. This research can contribute significantly to our knowledge of human origins, societies and environments of the past.

Archaeology at Otago is taught as part of the broader discipline of Anthropology; the comparative study of humanity and culture. Otago offers a range of stimulating archaeology papers with opportunities for postgraduate students to carry out supervised field and laboratory research, particularly in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Students who wish to specialise in Archaeology major in Anthropology. Anthropology majors graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)).

There is also an Anthropology minor option requiring a minimum five papers.

See the Anthropology page for programme requirments.

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