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Are you open to the public?


We run a large dental practice for the City of Dunedin and surrounding areas.  We rely on the public for our training and are grateful for your support.

The 60,000+ treatments each year are for members of the public.

What are your opening hours?

Urgent care is open from 9am to 5pm by appointment, Monday to Friday, all year round excluding public holidays. Outside of these hours you need to contact a private dental practice who run weekend and urgent clinics or the Emergency Department at Dunedin Public Hospital.

General Reception for payment and enquiries is located on the ground floor and is open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Student clinics run From February to November, Monday to Friday. Clinics operate from 9am to 12noon, and 2pm to 5pm.  Staff clinics run all year round.

Patients and their whanau/support people can access the clinic reception areas when they have an appointment.

Can I choose to see a staff member instead of a student?

No, not at this time but this is likely to change over the next year.

Most of our clinics are undergraduate teaching clinics where the work is performed by students under the supervision of an experienced clinician.

Our postgraduate specialist clinics are staffed by qualified clinicians who will see you if your treatment requires this.

We will be setting up staff and private clinics in the near future.

Is it safe to be treated by a student?

Yes. Our students receive comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training long before they ever see a patient. Our students are well-trained and supervised by experienced clinicians.

In all cases, our students operate under the supervision of our expert clinicians, who you will see during your treatment both chairside and in the wider clinic.

Is treatment free?

No. The Dental Hospital and clinics rely on patient fees to train students.

There will be a charge for treatment, which your clinician will discuss with you before treatment begins.  Treatment prices are discounted due to the extended appointment times that are needed for student teaching.

For some patients, the cost of treatment may be covered in part or in full by one of our Te Whatu Ora Health NZ contracts, or in the case of an accident, treatment fees may be covered in part or full by ACC

Some patients will be eligible for treatment under the Dental Special Needs Grant which is managed by WINZ. Let us know if you may be eligible and we will fill out the required clinical forms for you to take to WINZ for approval. You can check your eligibility at the WINZ website:

Dental treatment – Work and Income

What will it cost?

Please check the Patient Fees page for further information:  Patient Fees

Can I get a discount with my Community Services Card?


We offer a 25 per cent discount with a Community Services Card if you are being treated by an undergraduate student. For some patients, the cost of treatment may be covered in part or in full by one of our Te Whatu Ora Health NZ contracts

What is a Dental Special Needs Grant?

The Dental Special Needs Grant is $1000 per annum and available to low-income earners for urgent and essential Dental care. The grant is managed by WINZ. You do not have to be a Community Services Card holder to be eligible. You can check your eligibility for the Special Needs Dental grant at the WINZ website:

Dental treatment – Work and Income

If a staff members treats me, will I be charged more?

Sometimes. If you are seeing a staff member when you would normally see a student – you will be charged at the student rate

If you see a staff member because you need to be seen by a specialist – you will be charged a higher rate.  This will be discussed with you before treatment.

If a postgraduate student treats me, will I be charged more?

Yes, postgraduate charges are higher to reflect that you are being treated by a fully qualified dentist and they are providing specialist care.

For more information, please see the Patient Fees page - here

Do I have to pay on the day?


All patients are expected to pay for their appointment before they leave the clinic. You are welcome to pay for the full cost of your treatment once you have been provided with a treatment estimate.

How can I pay?

You can pay by EFTPOS, CASH, or Credit card at any of the reception desks.

Can I make an appointment for my first visit?

If you have an urgent dental need you can phone us to seek assistance:

Tel +64 3 479 8889

Otherwise, you need to contact us via email or phone to discuss how to enrol:


How long will I need to wait on the day?

You should attend no earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment time.

How long will my treatment take?

Treatment time frames will be discussed with your clinician at your first appointment. Most student treatment times are 90 minutes unless you are told differently.

Will anyone be watching me receive treatment?

Sometimes. Tutors will circulate within the clinics and will monitor student activity and your care.

Most of our clinics are large rooms with multiple spaces for dental chairs.  Each space is separated by low walls or glass partitions. If you are treated by one of our staff, you may be asked if one or more students may observe as part of their training.

Can I have a second opinion?


We can supply you with a written quote / treatment plan for you to take to a private dentist or specialist if you wish.

Where are you located?

Our main entrance is at 310 Great King Street, Dunedin North, Dunedin 9016.

Our contact page has full details.

Where can I park / catch a bus?

There is no specific parking for patients attending the Dental School.

The Dunedin City Council website has more information about where you can park in Dunedin.

The Otago Regional Council website has information about bus services in Dunedin. Many routes pass along George Street, which is half a block away.

We're also happy to call a taxi for you if needed – just ask our friendly reception staff.

How do I become a dental hygienist / dental therapist / dental technician / dentist?

Thanks for your interest! Careers in oral healthcare are exciting, interesting, and rewarding.

Click through to the following pages to learn more about studying at the Faculty of Dentistry:

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