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Our staff hold roles with, and act as advisors for, a large number of organisations working in diabetes and obesity prevention, care and research.
Our people

International roles

Our group undertake work with various international agencies including:

Staff also review grant applications and manuscript submissions for many bodies, including, but not limited to:

Staff also hold editorial roles for several journals including Pediatric Obesity, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and Atherosclerosis.

National roles

Our group provides advisory expertise for several government bodies including:

  • The Atlas of Healthcare Variation, Health Quality & Safety Commission (Jim Mann is chair of the Diabetes advisory sub-group)
  • Health Promotion Agency (Jim Mann chairs the Nutrition and Physical Activity Technical Advisory Group and Rachael Taylor is a member of the Expert Advisory Group)
  • Health Research Council (all staff review grants and are on various funding committees)
  • The Health Select Committee Report (New Zealand Parliament, Jim Mann was an expert advisor to the health select committee)
  • Ministry of Health (Jim Mann was a member of the Steering Group on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Quality Improvement Plan and Rachael Taylor was a member of the Food and Beverage Classification for Educational Settings Technical Advisory Group. Several EDOR members have served on the National Diabetes Service Improvement Group working on preventative and reactive measures to curb diabetes' impact)
  • Health Workforce New Zealand Diabetes Review Group (former Co-Director Associate Professor Kirsten Coppell was an invited member of this group)

The NZ Diabetes and Obesity Research Review features independent commentary on recently published research in the areas of diabetes and obesity. This expert commentary is provided by EDOR member Professor Jeremy Krebs, Endocrinologist and Clinical Leader at Wellington Hospital.

Rachael Taylor FRSNZ 186
Professor Rachael Taylor, EDOR Director

Jim Mann 186
Professor Jim Mann, Co-Director

Sharing knowledge

Our staff and associates are involved in:

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