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Register provides framework for monitoring care

The Otago Diabetes Project was established in 1998 with the aim of improving diabetes care in the Otago region. A multidisciplinary team planned and was involved with overseeing the implementation of the project. A key part of the project has been the establishment of a regional diabetes register. Data collected from general practices were used to provide GP audit and recall reports, and to monitor diabetes care in the region.

Comparative research

The project is administered by Diabetes Project Trust Otago, and since 2003 is run in conjunction with the Edgar National Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Research (now EDOR). In addition to the primary goal of improving diabetes care through audit, a number of research projects have been undertaken including:

  • Describing the characteristics of those type 2 diabetic patients with and without good glycaemic control.
  • Comparing the processes of care and outcomes between diabetic patients enrolled on the diabetes register and those who are not.

We found that well-organised, centralised diabetes registers provide additional benefits for people with diabetes care. We also learned that up-to-date primary care registers with good call-recall systems are necessary for the delivery of effective structured diabetes care. See our publications below for more comprehensive results.


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