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Improve your career prospects with a PGDip in Economics

A postgraduate diploma (PGDipCom/PGDipArts/PGDipSci) extends, and builds on, the knowledge and skills gained in a Bachelor's degree. It offers a programme consisting of coursework and an optional research component. The Postgraduate Diploma can be taken full-time in one academic year, or on a part-time basis over a period of up to three years.

Programme structure – PGDip in Economics

Economics may be taken as a subject of study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts, Commerce or Science.

All Postgraduate Diplomas in Economics are made up of 120 points worth of 400-level papers in Economics.

Papers from other disciplines

It can be possible for a 400-level paper in another subject to count towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics.

Please contact the Department to find whether a specific paper would be suitable:

Entry requirements

Entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Economics normally requires:

a. A standard Bachelor's degree in Economics (or related subject)
b. An average grade of at least B for the best four 300-level papers that can count towards the Economics major subject requirement
c. ECON375 and ECON377*
(*Applicants who have passed ECON270 are normally required to have ECON371 and ECON376 in place of ECON377.)

Please email the Department ( if you have questions about the Postgraduate Diploma in Economics.

For general information about each of the three types of Postgraduate Diploma, visit:

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