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Technology Learning area disciplines across years 1-13 (levels 1-8 of the New Zealand Curriculum)

We provide an opportunity for all teachers to extend their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to enhance their teaching, to plan develop and implement Technology in the NZ Curriculum through targeted and context specific professional learning.

This includes all technological areas of the learning area as revised in 2017:

  • Computational thinking for digital technologies.
  • Designing and developing digital outcomes.
  • Designing and developing materials outcomes.
  • Designing and developing processed outcomes.
  • Design and visual communication.

We provide support to teachers by:

  • Providing professional development supporting teaching, learning and assessment of Technology and the wider components and requirements of NZC in years 1-13.
  • Supporting teachers to develop their students' engagement with Technology.
  • Building pedagogical practices to support 21st century learners to understand Technology curriculum concepts, including use of digital tools to enhance digital fluency.
  • Supporting teachers to develop confidence in developing authentic contexts for their students in Technology using the curriculum progressions and frameworks.
  • Extending pedagogical and content knowledge to support teachers in addressing the learning needs of their students.
  • Developing inclusiveness practices in teaching and learning environments and developing culturally responsive pedagogies.
  • Providing a range of opportunities from one day workshops, working in-depth with a group of teachers in a school, or with a group of schools as a cluster. The support may include regular visits to individual schools and teachers, observations, wananga to share progress of teaching as inquiry and target students, as well as ongoing professional development via zoom online virtual meetings.

The facilitation support could include:

  • A range of face to face and virtual meetings.
  • Developing teachers' knowledge of technological literacy as well embedded literacy strategies to enhance student reading and writing skills.
  • Using data to improve learning and achievement, particularly to identify students at risk of not achieving at the expected level.
  • Developing learning experiences that are interesting, relevant and pertinent to the needs of the students in context of their learning and locality.
  • Developing effective assessment practices and systems to support student learning and enable effective monitoring of achievement and progress, and enable students to monitor their progress.
  • Developing culturally responsive pedagogies and practices.
  • Reviewing current programmes of learning to monitor effective delivery of the NZC.
  • Reviewing school policies, practices and structures relating to effective delivery of Technology within specific school contexts.

Accredited Facilitator

Cheryl Pym
Phone: 03 211 6832 or 021 190 1317

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