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Resources for teachers

Our staff are happy to work with teachers of English and Linguistics to share information, expertise, and experiences.

Visit our resources for Teachers webpage for more information

Text lists

Course text lists are often included on the individual webpage for the paper (search the paper code on the University Website) and are correct at the time of writing, but students should be aware that publishers' supply difficulties may require late substitutions or alterations. If texts are not on display at the University Book Shop, enquire at the desk.

Please go to Uniprint for texts listed as "available at Printery"

Style guides

Plagiarism sheet

The Plagiarism (Cover) Sheet must be printed and attached to all written work submitted to English and Linguistics to confirm that you have read and understood the University and Programme's Policy on Plagiarism and that the work complies with that policy. Copies are also available at the Programme's reception desk.

Subject guides (University of Otago Library)

Amongst the many useful resources on the University of Otago Library website are the subject guides, key online resources gathered together by subject. The English resources and the Linguistics resources can be helpful starting points for research.

View the programme-specific liaison librarians at the Otago University Library

Dunedin: UNESCO City of Literature

Many events throughout the year are highlighted on the Dunedin City of Literature website, which includes information on awards and competitions, education, literary arts, publishers and publications, and information for writers of all ages.

Central City and Campus walks are run almost daily by Dunedin Literary Walking Tours. Highlights include insights into Janet Frame's remarkable life, the cultural debt Dunedin owes to Charles Brasch, and reasons why Robbie Burns still rocks. Check out Dunedin Literary Walking Tours for more information.

Collections and databases

The University of Otago has one of Australasia's finest library systems, and the special collections at the University and the Public Library offer rich opportunities for original research. Students are encouraged to explore the remarkable holdings of the University, the city museums and the Public Library.

University of Otago Library

As well as being a major national resource containing some one and a half million items, the University of Otago Library provides access through Document Delivery and Te Puna service to collections in other centres. Special strengths at Otago include the New Zealand and Pacific materials in the Hocken Library, and the de Beer and Shoults collections of early printed books, housed in the Central Library.

Visit the Library website for databases useful for English research

Hocken Collections

The Hocken Collections contain a specialised book and pamphlet stock of some 150,000 items, some 3,000 linear metres of archives, 100,000 photographs, and 6,000 paintings. The archive includes many unedited papers and manuscripts of New Zealand authors, which could sustain appropriate research projects suitable for theses and dissertations, given the necessary permissions.

Central Library Special Collections

The de Beer Collection contains rare eighteenth-century books and pamphlets, a remarkably strong selection of guides to Europe, dating from 1499, many early editions of works by the philosopher John Locke.

There is also a large collection of modern British poetry, and an important collection of first editions of Robert Graves' fiction, essays, poetry and pamphlets, the library of the New Zealand writer and critic, Charles Brasch.

The Shoults Collection, on deposit from Selwyn College, comprises some 5,000 works printed before 1801, representing the scholarship, especially legal and theological, of early modern Europe.

Textbase of Early Tudor English

The Textbase of Early Tudor English consists of an electronically encoded transcription of poetic texts written between c. 1485 and c. 1550.

Given that many of these texts have not been edited since their first appearance nor studied in any depth, considerable scope exists for theses consisting either of editions or of thematic and historical approaches to the material.

Dunedin Public Library Heritage Collections

Two remarkable Heritage Collections are located on the third floor of the City Library.

The McNab New Zealand Collection preserves books, newspapers and historical documents relating to the history of the New Zealand and Pacific.

The Alfred and Isabel Reed Collection contains around 10,000 items dating from the tenth century to the present day relating to literature, religion, and the history of the book.

The Samuel Johnson, Walt Whitman, and Charles Dickens collections are internationally known, while the manuscript collection preserves Medieval manuscripts and letters from an impressive range of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literary and cultural figures.

The curators regularly hold excellent exhibitions in the Reed Gallery, also on the third floor.

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