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Head of Programme

Associate Professor David Ciccoricco

BS Journalism (Colorado), BA Hons, PhD (Canterbury)
Narrative Theory, Digital Literature


Matt Smith


Academic staff

Lisa Blakie

BA, BA(Hons) (Otago)

Dr Michael Cop

BA (Sainte-Anne), MA Theology (Notre Dame Australia), MA, PhD English (Otago)
Shakespeare, Writing, Renaissance Biblical Literature, Biblical Harmonies, Milton

Nicola Cummins

BA, Dip Tchg (Auck), MA (Otago), TESOL Cert. Writing

Dr Simone Drichel

MA (Freiburg), PhD (Victoria)
New Zealand and Postcolonial Literature, Critical and Cultural Theory

Dr Lynley Edmeades

BA, DipPhot, DipGrad, MA Creative Writing (Queen's), MA, PhD (Otago)
Poetry and poetics, the essay, sound studies, inter-genre texts, art, interdisciplinarity, the avant-garde

Professor Jacob Edmond

BA Hons, PhD (Auckland)
Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Literary Theory

Dr Hunter Hatfield

MA (Mississippi), PhD (Hawai'i at Mānoa)
Psycholinguistics, Phonology, Speech Perception, Pragmatics, University Preparation and Outcomes

Professor Simone Celine Marshall

BA (Victoria), BA Hons (Waikato), MA Hons (Waikato), PhD (Sydney)
Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Calligraphy, Palaeography and Codicology

Associate Professor Thomas McLean

BA (Loyola), MA (Boston College), PhD (Iowa)
Nineteenth-Century Literature

Associate Professor Grace Moore

MA (William & Mary), BA, PhD (Exeter)
Victorian literature, Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, Settler literature, Neo-Victorianism, the History of Emotions, Ecocriticism

Dr Minh Nguyen

MEd TESOL (QUT), PhD (Auckland)
Pragmatics in language teaching and learning, Second language acquisition, Family language policy and heritage language maintenance, Child language learning.

Dr Simon Overall

BA, MA (Auckland), PhD (La Trobe)
Morphology, Syntax, Historical Linguistics, Amazonian Languages, Andean Languages, Grammatical Description, Field Linguistics

Associate Professor Shef Rogers

BA (Emory), MA, PhD (Chicago)
Eighteenth-Century Literature, Bibliography

Associate Professor Paul Tankard

BA, DipEd, MA, PhD (Monash)
Eighteenth-Century Literature, Johnson and Boswell, Fantasy, Lewis and the Inklings, Paratextuality, Essays, Writing

Burns Fellow

Mikaela Nyman



Dr Josie Carter

LLB, BA (Hons), PhD (Otago)
Contemporary Fiction and Ethics, New Zealand and Postcolonial Literatures

Dr Anne Feryok

BA, MA (Syracuse), PhD (Auckland)
Second Language Teaching and Learning, Sociocultural and Activity Theory, Motivation, Feedback, Language Teacher Cognitions

Dr John Hale

MA (Oxon), PhD (Edin), DipEd (Durh), LittD (Otago)
Renaissance Literature, Milton

Dr Donald Kerr

DipTchg, MA (Libr), PhD (Auckland)
Collecting and Book History, Private Presses

Professor Liam McIlvanney

MA Hons (Glasgow), DPhil (Oxon) [Stuart Chair in Scottish Studies]
Scottish Literature and Culture Since 1707, including: Robert Burns, Scottish Vernacular Poetry, the Glasgow Novel, Ulster-Scots Poetry, Contemporary Scottish Writing, Irish-Scottish Literary Connections, Literature of the Scottish Diaspora, Scottish Crime Fiction

Honorary Associate Professor Christine Prentice

MA, PhD (Canterbury)
New Zealand Literature, Postcolonial Literatures, Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies

Dr Rochelle Simmons

MA (Auckland), PhD (Toronto)
Contemporary Fiction; Literature and the Visual, Literature and Cinema

Honorary Associate Professor Greg Waite

BA (Otago), MA, PhD (Toronto)
Old English, Middle English, Old Norse

Emeritus and Emerita Professors

Emeritus Professor Chris Ackerley

MA (Canterbury), PhD (Tor)

Emeritus Professor Alistair Fox

MA (Canterbury), PhD (W Ontario)

Emerita Professor Jocelyn Harris

MA (Otago), PhD (London)
Eighteenth-Century Literature and Women's Literature

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