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Printing on the University of Otago campus

The University of Otago uses Canon multifunction devices (MFDs) known as Uniprintstations, with the Uniflow system as its charging software. The Uniprintstation printers can be used for printing colour and black & white, photocopying and scanning either to a USB pen drive or to email.

See the Uniprintstations page for more information about printer locations

Printing from the student desktop on campus

The default printer set up on the University student desktop (the computers available for student use on campus) is 'Black and White Printer'. To print in colour, please choose 'Colour Printer' in your printing options.

Printing from your laptop

You can print from your laptop or home computer to the Uniprintstation printers on campus by using @Print - @Print is a way of emailing your document to the Uniflow system. You must email your printing job from your @student.otago email address:

You can go to any of the Uniprintstations and use the UNIflow system to print your printing job. Jobs not printed out will be automatically deleted from UNIflow after ten hours.

Checking your print balance

Your student printing account balance shows at the top of the touchscreen on the Uniprintstation printer after you have swiped your student ID card.

Adding Funds

You can add funds to your student card by using either of these ways:


If all or part of your job fails to print, please fill out the Student Printing Refund Request Form

Printing fund expiry

Funds on your student printing account will expire on 30 November the year following your final enrolment at the University of Otago. For example the final enrolment was in 2013, the funds on your account will expire on 30 November 2014.

Student Printing Support

For downloading mPrint drivers and installation issues

For assistance with Student Printing, please contact Student IT
For information on current issues or outages please check the ITS Service Notices

Course booklets and materials

If you are a student at the University of Otago, you can get many of your course books and materials from Uniprint's Central Library branch in the ISB. Your lecturer will let you know what arrangements have been made for your course.

Printing to Uniprint's Library branch

How to print from the student computers at the University of Otago to the Library branch

Thesis printing and binding

Uniprint can bind your thesis using either:

The preferred file format for supplying your thesis is as an Acrobat .pdf. All thesis documents are printed on 100gsm paper unless requested otherwise.

Author declaration forms

A completed and signed copy of one of these forms will need to accompany your thesis for binding:

Please note for Doctoral softbound submissions, the form does not need to be bound into the thesis.  Just one loose copy is required.  Students should also submit four softbound copies.

Uniprint recommends that you allow up to 10 working days to complete the printing and binding process of your thesis.

Thesis soft binding

Please check the guidelines that your supervisor or department had given you about which soft binding to use. Generally fastback binding (using thermal tape along the spine of the publication) is used for theses but plastic spiral binding and wire binding are also available.

Thesis hard binding

It will take approximately two weeks for your thesis to be hard bound. To order the hard binding of your thesis you will need to fill out a thesis binding request form at Uniprint. Once your thesis is ready you can either:

  • Collect it from Uniprint, or
  • Ask Uniprint to courier it to you for an additional fee, or
  • Ask Uniprint to send it to a national or international address for an additional fee

Please contact Uniprint for more information about returning your bound thesis

Is someone else organising your thesis binding?

If you are unable to be in Dunedin for the soft or hard binding process and someone is organising your thesis for you on your behalf, you will need to make sure that they know:

  • The correct order of your thesis
  • What binding style, colours and printing you have chosen for your thesis
  • How payment will be made for your bound thesis

Are you drowning in a sea of lecture notes and handouts?

At Uniprint, you can have your course materials bound to make them easier to access and use.

Find out more about Uniprint's bindery services

To collect or bind your course materials, come to Uniprint's Library branch:

What other services for students are available at Uniprint's Library branch?

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