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Coordinator: Dr Dominic Agyei

Teaching Staff: Dr Dominic Agyei

Eligibility: Food Science (FOSC) only

Module description

Food biotechnology is often defined as 'the application of biological techniques to food crops, animals and microorganisms to improve the quality, quantity, safety, ease of processing and production economics of food'. Food biotechnology therefore plays a huge role in scientific and economic aspects of food production, and in new food product development.

This module will provide an overview of the key developments and future research directions in food biotechnology including selected topics such as food fermentation technology, microbial enzymes for food production, food and health interrelations (functional foods and food bioactives), production of bacteriocins as food-grade antimicrobial ingredients, genetically modified (GM) foods, as well as recent developments in the field of nutritional genomics.


  1. Food fermentation technology
  2. Microbial enzymes for food production
  3. Bacteriocins as antimicrobial ingredients in foods
  4. Food and Health (Functional foods and Food bioactives)
  5. Genetic modification in food production
  6. Nutritional genomics


4 week course, Semester TBC.

7 Lectures of 2 hours


This module is worth 50% of a 20 credit paper, assessment to be confirmed.

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