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nanoString nCounter Analysis System

OGF client nanoString nCounter process

The nanoString nCounter Analysis System is a digital detection system allowing analysis of up to 800 genes within a single sample. Optimised for pathway-based biological research, this technology can be used to look at interactions between specific genes and validate complex networks.

Delivering an accurate, highly sensitive alternative to quantitative PCR, the nanoString nCounter also provides a validation tool for next generation sequencing data. The robust nature of the amplification-free chemistry allows researchers to measure subtle changes from small and degraded samples such as clinical tissue biopsies.

✔ Gene expression analysis, Custom and off-the-shelf CodeSets Gene expression analysis
✔ Single cell gene expression analysis
✔ miRNA expression analysis
✔ miRGE™ (miRNA & mRNA) analysis
✔ Copy number variation analysis
✔ lncRNA analysis
✔ ChiP-String analysis

Off the shelf nCounter Codesets

Full product description and overview can be found on the nanoString website

Gene Expression CodeSets

  • nCounter GX Human Immunology Kit V2 (XT)
  • nCounter GX Mouse Immunology Kit V1 (XT)
  • nCounter GX Human Kinase Kit V2 (XT)
  • nCounter GX Human Inflammation Kit V2 (XT)
  • nCounter GX Mouse Inflammation Kit V2 (XT)
  • nCounter Human Stem Cell Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Human Reference Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Customer Assay Evaluation (CAE) Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Panel Plus

miRNA CodeSets

  • nCounter Human miRNA Assay Kit V3
  • nCounter Mouse miRNA Assay Kit
  • nCounter Rat miRNA Assay Kit

DNA CodeSets

  • nCounter V2 Cancer CN Assay Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Human Karyotype Panel Kit (XT)

Single Cell CodeSets

  • nCounter Single Cell GX Human Immunology Kit V2 (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell GX Mouse Immunology Kit V1 (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell Mouse Inflammation V2 Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell GX Human Cancer Reference Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell PanCancer Pathways Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell GX Human Stem Cell Kit (XT)
  • nCounter Single Cell Customer Assay Evaluation (CAE) Kit (XT)

Custom Gene Expression

Full product description and overview can be found on the nanoString website

nCounter GX Custom CodeSet (XT)

Submit RefSeq Ids or sequence information for up to 800 target mRNAs to nanoString. Ideal for applications such as splice variation and fusion transcript detection. Includes consultation with nanoString CodeSet design team (as required) prior to your design approval. All CodeSets undergo extensive QA/QC testing prior to delivery to ensure your results meet nanoString's very high standards.

nCounter Custom CodeSet Plus

CodeSet Plus adds a new level of flexibility by allowing researchers to extend an existing custom CodeSet with a spike-in of up to 30 additional Reporter Codes. Compatible with all Gene Expression and CNV products including Single Cell applications.
Minimum number of genes: 6.

Other Custom CodeSets

  • nCounter miRGE Custom CodeSet
  • nCounter CNV Custom CodeSet (XT)
  • nCounter ChiP-String Custom CodeSet (XT)
  • nCounter À la carte miRNA CodeSet
  • nCounter Single Cell GX Assay Custom CodeSet (XT)
  • nCounter ElementsTM Tagsets