Illumina HiSeq 2500, MiSeq

The HiSeq 2500 sequencing systems offer the flexibility of rapid or high output sequencing at relatively low cost. Illumina sequencing enables a range of DNA and RNA based applications; including genome and targeted capture sequencing, mutation discovery, transcriptome profiling and the identification of epigenetic changes.

Recent advances in library preparation workflows now enable robust studies to be carried out using a range of sample types, including low input and poor quality such as formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE). Integration of a MiSeq QC instrument has optimised library performance providing tighter control of multiplexing within sequencing lanes.

HiSeq 2500 applicationsWEB Version_Illumina Propel Logo
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • De novo sequencing
  • Transcriptomics and RNA-Seq
  • Metagenomics and amplicon sequencing
  • ChIP-Seq
  • Human exome sequencing
  • Custom library and/or enrichment sequencing

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Nanostring nCounter Analysis System

Nanostring Client process

The Nanostring nCounter Analysis System is a digital detection system allowing analysis of up to 800 genes within a single experiment. Optimized for pathway-based biological research, this technology can be used to look at interactions between specific genes and validate complex networks.

Delivering an accurate, highly sensitive alternative to quantitative PCR, the Nanostring nCounter also provides a validation tool for next generation sequencing data. The robust nature of the amplification-free chemistry allows researchers to measure subtle changes from small and degraded samples such as clinical tissue biopsies.

Nanostring nCounter Analysis System applications
  • Gene expression analysis - Custom and off-the-shelf CodeSetsGene expression analysis
  • Single cell gene expression analysis
  • miRNA expression analysis
  • miRGE™ (miRNA & mRNA) analysis
  • Copy number variation analysis
  • lncRNA analysis
  • ChiP-String analysis

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