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Visitors in the Department of Geology

Are you a research interested in visiting the Department of Geology? Please read our research visitor policy.

Current Visitors

Matteo DemurtasMatteo Demurtas

Visiting Decmeber 2017 - June 2018

Matteo is working for Steven Smith.

Lisa GilbertLisa Gilbert

Visiting Jan 2018 - July 2018

Lisa is working with James White.

Atle RotevatnAtle Rotevatn

Visiting August 2017 - July 2018

Atle is working with Steven Smith, Virginia Toy, Dave Prior, and others on structural geology and tectonics projects such as: structural controls on fluid flow, deformation band faulting, and structure and evolution of sedimentary basins.

Catherine BeltranCatherine Beltran

Visiting 2014-

Catherine is working on Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimatology using carbonates and organic geochemistry.

She will be working in Geology and Chemistry departments with an office in Chemistry.

Regular visitors

John ConranJohn Conran

Senior Lecturer,
Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide

Working on a Marsden with Daphne Lee on the floristics of Miocene fossils sites in New Zealand, their palaeoenvironments and the effects of long term climate change. Over the next 3 years we will be competing that study a well as starting another one funded through the ARC on comparing the Eocene vegetation and floristics of Australia and New Zealand.


Past Visitors

Bo ZhaoBo Zhao

Visiting 2017

Bo is from the China Earthquake Administration and will be visiting for 2017. Bo is working with James White on Maar volcanoes in Longgang volcanic area, Northeast China.

Yvonne CaulfieldYvonne Caulfield

Visiting S1 2017

Yvonne is on the Science Teachers Leadership programme administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand. Visiting us from Logan Park High School where she is a Science/Biology teacher. Yvonne will be here until mid-July hosted by Andrew Gorman.

Christina BeimfordeChristina Beimforde

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Janelle EasonJanelle Eason

Visiting S2 2016

Janelle is with us for the remainder of the year as a participant on the Science Teaching and Leadership Programme through the Royal Society of NZ. She is HOD Science at Northern Southland College in Lumsden and teaches Biology, Science and Maths. She will be working with Mike Palin and Candace Martin. She completed her MSc in Zoology at Otago and has been teaching since 2008.

Nadya-Teutsch_smNadya Teutsch

Visiting 2015- July 2016

Nadya is visiting for one year from Geological Survey of Israel working with Chris Moy and Claudine Stirling (Chemistry) on ‘ocean anoxic events’ using Fe isotopes.


Ingrid AnellIngrid Anell

Visiting October 2013- Mar 2014

Ingrid Anell is a Postdoc at UNIS in the high arctic where she is conducting research based on 2D seismic interpretation and sedimentological field-work.

While at Otago she will be working with Andrew Gorman, expanding on her arctic research to include a wider perspective on clinoform development.

Ruth BaldwinRuth Baldwin

Was on a primary science teacher fellowship funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Ruth will be in Mike Palin’s office (ext. 9083) until the From Early August to December 2013.

She was working under the guidance of Virginia Toy and also with Ewan Fordyce and Daphne Lee doing paleontology.

Morgan ChurchillMorgan Churchill

Mid 2013

Morgan is a PhD student from Dept of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming USA. Morgan is here on a US National Science Foundation summer EAPSI fellowship - rather a prestigious appointment. Morgan is working on fossil marine mammals, particularly joint study with Bobby Boessenecker. Morgan works in Gs12, the Geol Musuem, and in the Bobby/Yoshi office.

Mike GottfriedProf Mike Gottfried (Michigan State University)

Visited 4-22 August 2013.

To work with Ewan Fordyce and others in the paleo group. Mike's regular visits for over a decade have lead to several papers on important NZ fossil vertebrates. A main aim of this trip is to help with Ewan's UORG research project, "Lost Mammals of Zealandia" - a search of shallow marine sediments for land vertebrates that might have lived on Zealandia before peak transgression in the Oligocene. Sophie White has been sieving and sorting 727 kg of field samples, ably helped by a group of volunteers. We have several promising fossil teeth that may represent land reptiles, but no mammals yet.

Bob Spicer

Professor Bob Spicer (William Evans Fellow) and his wife Teresa

Here from 28 January until 2nd March 2013

About Bob and Teresa Spicer (written by Bob)
I am Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the Open University (address below) as well as holding a Senior International Visiting Professorship funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (again see the address below). Teresa also has a visiting position at Beijing.

Teresa Spicer

We are working with Daphne Lee, Tammo Reichgelt and Liz Kennedy (GNS Lower Hutt - Liz was a PhD student of mine) on understanding the relationship between leaf form and climate in New Zealand. The background to this work can be found at Multivariate analysis of leaf architecture serves as a powerful palaeoclimate proxy and in addition to providing information on past mean annual, warm month mean and cold month mean temperatures we can get indications on precipitation and a property of the atmosphere called enthalpy that we can use as a palaeoaltimeter. I shall be speaking about that in respect of our work in India, China and on the Tibetan Plateau in my departmental presentation on February 17th. Teresa works with me on all of this, numerically scoring leaves, running the analyses (using servers in Beijing), and correcting my English when I write things up. More information on my background can be found at

Kate PoundKate Pound, Geology Professor

St Cloud State University,
St Cloud, Minnesota, USA
Visiting from late 2012/early 2013
Was working on:

  • (Finally) completing manuscripts relating to her PhD(Otago) for publication
  • A petrographic provenance study on Greenland Group Metasediments with Nick Mortimer(GNS)
  • Sedimentological/provenance study of Cannington Gravels in Northern Otago/South Canterbury.

Kate will be at Otago until early December, then on to Canterbury Uni in the new year.

Jerry Magloughlin

(Colorado State University) will be visiting until April 2010.  He is currently residing in GSW's room in the middle to south attic.  (VT)

Damien Gaboury

(Université du Québec á Chicoutimi) will be arriving with his family on 3rd January 2010.  He will be travelling around plus spending time in Australia.  He will be here until June.  (DC)

Tom Baumiller

Visiting 15 February - 15 July 2010. email "I am on sabbatical from my home institution (University of Michigan) as a Senior Fulbright Scholar until mid July 2010 working on Cenozoic echinoderms with Ewan Fordyce as my host."

Russell Pysklywec-

tectonic modelling/numerical modelling
February 1st - 28th 2007

Laurent Godin

Associate Professor, Structural Geology & Tectonics, Queen's University, Ontario.
Ontario Research Centres in Earthquake Hazards & Continental Dynamics
December 2006 until end of April 2007