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How can you visit Otago to study Geology?

Applications are made through the international office.

There are three ways you can visit Otago to study Geology: Student exchange, Study Abroad, or independent international enrolment.

Student Exchange

Student Exchange provides the opportunity for students to enrol for the Summer School and/or one or two semesters as part of a bilateral Student Exchange agreement existing between the University of Otago and overseas universities (see the list of exchange partners).

Study Abroad

Study Abroad provides the opportunity for students to enrol for the Summer School and/or one or two semesters on an independent basis or as part of a Study Abroad programme organised by the home institution or a sending organisation

Independent international enrolment

International students are also welcome to enrol at Otago without association with a home institution or sending organisation. This can be for any duration. Contact International office to find out more:

Choosing which Geology papers to take

Papers offered at the Department of Geology draw heavily on our research. We offer undergraduate papers (formal classes) from 100 to 300 level and postgraduate papers at 400-level.

If you have specific questions about our courses after viewing the information on our website then you should contact the following course advisers and cc the academic administrator: (sometimes staff members are in the field or at conferences and will not be able to reply straight away).

IMPORTANT: planning your travel around semester dates, exams and field trips

Before you finalise your travel, please check key dates such as semester and exam periods at Otago, these are set by the University, and cannot be changed for personal reasons. Students must arrive at the start of the semester (or before the start of the semester if taking papers with a field school -see note below). Students should plan to stay until the end of the exam period (see note below on exam dates).

Field schools

Some field schools (GEOL252, GEOL344) run shortly before the official start of semester - web pages for those classes give details. Some other courses (e.g. GEOL 272/372, 263/363) have weekend field trips early in the first semester. Geol 273/373 has a compulsory marine sedimentology course in early July, just before official start of second semester (odd years). Please be sure to check the web pages for these papers or others you wish to take

Exam dates

The exact dates for examinations in particular courses are set by the University administration, and advised about the middle of Semesters 1 and 2. The Department of Geology cannot change these dates to accommodate the plans of individual students.


Application info for:

Course-related terminology used at the University of Otago

Course: The collection of papers for which a student
is enrolled in a particular semester or year.

Paper: The smallest individual academic components of a course (and thus of a Programme).
Papers are characterised by:
1. being recorded as separate entities on an academic record
2. having some form of result attached to them
3. generating a definable portion of the tuition fees payable.
Thus the Otago term 'paper' is equivalent to the US term 'course'.


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