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Geology lecture and lab timetable

Schedule of papers for the Geology undergraduate degree

Some papers are offered each year, and others are offered only in alternate years.

Geology papers

100-level Geology papers

200-level Geology papers

300-level Geology papers

400-level Geology papers

Geology degree papers taught by other departments

In addition to the core 100-level geology papers EAOS111 and GEOL112, you will need to complete at least one of the following papers MATH 120, MATH 130, MATH 140, COMO 101, STAT 110, STAT 115 in your geology degree.

Below are lists of papers taught by other departments at 200 and 300-level that you can incorporate into your degree. These are papers with a substantial geology component.

Other 200-level papers with a substantial geology component

Other 300-level papers with a substantial geology component

Course-related terminology used at the University of Otago

Course: The collection of papers for which a student
is enrolled in a particular semester or year.

Paper: The smallest individual academic components of a course (and thus of a Programme).
Papers are characterised by:

  1. being recorded as separate entities on an academic record
  2. having some form of result attached to them
  3. generating a definable portion of the tuition fees payable.

Thus the Otago term 'paper' is equivalent to the US term 'course'.

more terminology

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