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Geology is the study of planet Earth inside and out. Studying Geology will help you understand planet Earth and answer fundamental questions like these:

  • Why do earthquakes happen in some places and not others?
  • Why are there oceans?

Find out about the geology degree at Otago in this short video:

Where should you start?

Are you just starting at the University or looking for a change? Or maybe you are curious about Geology and want to scratch that itch? The best place to start is with EAOS111 in semester 1 or jump straight into GEOL112 in semester 2.

Earth and Ocean Science 111 is great introductory course that sets you up for either a geology or marine science degree. You can find out more about Earth and Ocean Science in the video below:

Choosing other papers for your Geology degree

Papers offered at the Department of Geology draw heavily on our research. We offer undergraduate papers (formal classes) from 100 to 300 level and postgraduate papers at 400-level.

If you have specific questions about our courses after viewing the information on our website then you should contact the following course advisers and copy in the Geology administrator

Email (sometimes staff members are in the field or at conferences and will not be able to reply straight away).

Where to go next?

Visit the University of Otago enrolment page for instructions and information about enrolment.

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