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Dr Zeina Al Naasan (Dental School)Zeina Al Naasan thumbnail
Oral health promotion for former refugees, cultural competency in dental practice and access to oral healthcare


Associate Professor Vivienne Anderson (College of Education)
Educational mobility; internationalisation policy and practice

Mudassir Anwar ThumbnailDr Mudassir Anwar (Pharmacy)
Health system navigation needs among refugees; role of pharmacists in improving refugee health; patterns of medicine utilisation by immigrant populations

Alejandra del Pilar Ortiz Ayala thumbnailAlejandra del Pilar Ortiz Ayala (College of Education)
Civilian displacement and resettlement

Professor Hallie Buckley (Anatomy)Hallie Buckley thumb
Bioarchaeology of Asia-Pacifc region; colonisation events in island environments; gold mining and early European settler cemetery studies

FordAssociate Professor Anne Ford (Anthropology and Archaeology)
Modern human/Austronesia migrations

Molly George 2022 thumbnailDr Molly George (Va'a O Tautai – Centre for Pacific Health)
Refugee healthcare experiences in New Zealand, ageing and migration

HeydonDr Susan Heydon (Pharmacy, Health Sciences)
Medicine and migration; international health; Nepal, Himalayas, New Zealand

HillDr Doug Hill (Geography)
Contemporary intra-Asian migration; precarity

JohnsonProfessor Henry Johnson (Music)
Asian and European migration ethnography, education and migration

KennedyDr Jonathan Kennedy (Primary Healthcare and General practice, Wellington)
Refugee and migrant primary health care. Co-convenor GENA720 Refugee and Migrant Health distance-taught postgraduate paper, University of Otago, Wellington.

Profile photo Charlotte KingDr Charlotte King (Anatomy)

Colonial period migration to New Zealand; colonial health; New Zealand identity; isotopic analysis of mobility

Matisoo-SmithProfessor Lisa Matisoo-Smith (Anatomy)
Prehistoric population migrations; modern human diversity; ancient DNA

McCarthyProfessor Angela McCarthy (History)
Global migration; migration to New Zealand; migration and mental health; migrant narratives; comparative migration

Serena Moran, clinical lecturer, Wellington campus

Pauline Norris image 2020Professor Pauline Norris (Pharmacy)
Access to medicines and health services for migrants and refugees

OzanneDr Arlene Ozanne (Economics)
Migrant workers and remittances; health worker migration; elder care and migration

Dr Sherly Parackal (Department of Preventive Medicine)Sparackal
Asian health; migrant and refugee health

Photo of Peter PetcheyDr Peter Petchey (Anthropology and Archaeology/Southern Archaeology Ltd)

Nineteenth-century migration; gold rushes; New Zealand early settlers

Frederieke Petrović-van der Deen imageDr Frederieke Sanne Petrovic-van der Deen (Department of Public Health)
Refugees and post-settlement health and social service use and outcomes

Dr Gregory Rawlings (Anthropology and Archaeology)Rawlings
Globalisation, transnationalism, citizenship, nationality, race; human rights; offshore finance centres and tax havens

Georgia Richardson (General Practice and Rural Health)Georgia Richardson thumb
Health service delivery for refugees

SchaafDr Michelle Schaaf (Te Tumu)
Pacific migration history and ethnography

Dr Lili Song (Law)Lili Song thumb
Refugee law and policy in Asia and the South Pacific

Pooneh Torabian ImageDr Pooneh Torabian (Tourism)
Border crossings of dual citizens

Dr Neil Vallelly (Tutor in English and Linguistics)Neil Vallelly thumb
Phenomenology of forced displacement

VerrallDr Ayesha Verrall (Pathology)
International health; TB cases among migrants to New Zealand

WalterProfessor Richard Walter (Anthropology and Archaeology)
Ancient Pacific migration

Associate Professor Dennis Wesselbaum (Economics)dennis Wesselbaum
International migration and climate change

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