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Graduate research policies and guidelines

Key policies related to graduate research candidates and supervisors  (Doctoral and Master's thesis) are available in the University's Policy Library:

Key policies for graduate research candidates

Guidelines for Graduate Research Supervisors

Please contact your department's administrator for specific guidance on Master's thesis processes.

Doctoral / PhD forms

PhD admission and scholarship

Apply for both PhD admission and a scholarship through your eVision portal

Changes during the PhD

Request for change of research details form

Use the Request for change of research details form to request any of the following changes:

The Request for update to EFTS splits is a separate form which is submitted to the Strategy, Analytics, and Reporting Office (SARO) when completed:

Request for update to EFTS splits (PDF)

Request for deferral can be made through your eVision portal or by completing a deferral form.

Request for permanent withdrawal can also be made through your eVision portal.


Skills audit

A skills audit will help you assess which research skills may need to be further developed as part of your doctoral education.

Skills audit template for doctoral researchers (DOC)

Progress reporting

Requirements for the Student Self-Review Document


Nominations of examiners are entered, checked, saved and submitted by staff in eVision. The form from that page is then printed, signed by the Head of Department, and emailed to

Master's research (thesis) forms

Master's supervision



If you can't find the form, policy or guideline you require, please contact:


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