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In some circumstances, your proposed supervisor may wish to support a waiver of the normal English language requirements for University admission.

If you wish to apply for an English language waiver, you should discuss this with your proposed supervisor. If they agree, they will indicate to the Graduate Research School, at the time your application is formally assessed by the Department, that a waiver is requested. Your proposed supervisor would in this case, write a supporting letter on your behalf.

Waivers are considered by the Graduate Research Committee on a number of factors, including:

  • English language test attempted in recent years, with a mark close to the requirement
  • candidate experience living and working in an English speaking country
  • publications in English
  • thesis written in English and reviewed by supervisor
  • degree taught in English
  • previous collaboration on research projects with the proposed supervisor
  • English language training that has been given to candidates in the past/will be given in the Department
  • results of a specific task set by proposed supervisor, to assess English language capability

The more evidence there is across the more of these factors, the more likely it is that the Graduate Research Committee will approve a waiver.

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