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The Occupational Health Service aims to provide comprehensive support and advice to both managers and individuals on the prevention of work related ill-health, the support of those at work with health problems and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Occupational Health focuses on the following areas:

  • Preventative strategies for identifying and controlling hazards to health arising from work
  • Rehabilitation programmes assisting return to work from illness/injury in a safe and sustainable manner
  • Ensuring that work related health issues are appropriately managed
  • Promoting health and well being at work.
  • Information and privacy. All information collected is saved to a patient medical management system (MedTech). HeathOne is a function of MedTech.

About HealthOne

HealthOne is a South Island based secure electronic record that allows registered healthcare providers(directly involved in our healthcare) to quickly access information such as test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. HealthOne strictly adheres to the principles of the Privacy Act 2020 as well as the rules set out in the Health Information Policy Code 2020. Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network which is regularly audited and tested. Privacy auditing is used to check that only those directly involved in your care are accessing your information. Please note that you are entitled to restrict the sharing of your healthcare records by contacting 0508 837 872 or by emailing

Specific occupational health information

The Occupational Health team provides specific information relating to occupational health hazards and issues:

Key contacts

Occupational Health Nurse
64 21 279 0967

Andrea McMillan

Head, Health and Safety Compliance

64 3 479 7380

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