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Contact Details

+64 4 832 3123
Associate Professor
Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice (Wellington)
Research summary
Back pain; interprofessional education


Ben’s main research foci are low back pain and interprofessional education.

Ben has explored practitioner and patient attitudes and beliefs related to low back pain and influences upon these. He is currently investigating ways to positively influence these beliefs to improve back pain outcomes.

Ben is part of the Department’s interprofessional teaching team and is currently examining the short term outcomes of a brief undergraduate teaching initiative. He is also leading the Longitudinal Interprofessional (LIP) Study which will investigate changes in interprofessional attitudes and skills over the final year of health professional training and the first three years of professional practice. It will also explore if undergraduate interprofessional education influences these skills and attitudes or the career pathway of these graduates. This study involves participants from the disciplines of dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, oral health, pharmacy, and physiotherapy.

Ben is also involved in research exploring primary care prevalence and utilisation for childhood illness and patient beliefs about osteoarthritis. He is a member of the University of Otago’s Pain and Arthritis research themes.


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