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Publications of the Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit (HePPRU)

Promoting healthy nutrition 

Journal articles 

Barr M, Signal L, Jenkin G & Smith M. Capturing exposures: using automated cameras to document environmental determinants of obesity. Health Promotion International 2014; doi: 10.1093/heapro/dau089

Pearson AL., et al. Understanding differences in access to water fountains and sugar-sweetened beverages in children׳s environments: A pilot study in high and low deprivation neighbourhoods. Health & Place 2014 30(0): 94-97.

McKerchar C, Bowers S, Heta C, Signal L, Matoe L. Enhancing Māori food security using traditional kai. Global Health Promotion published online 1 August 2014, doi: 10.1177/1757975914543573

Smith M, Jenkin G, Signal L, & McLean R. Consuming calories and creating cavities: beverages NZ children associate with sport. Appetite 2014 81, 209-217. DOI: 10.1016/j.appet.2014.06.015.

Jenkin G, Madhvani N, Signal L, Bowers S. A systematic review of persuasive marketing techniques to promote food to children on television. Obesity Reviews 2014.

Carter M, Signal L, Edwards R., Hoek J, Maher A. Food, fizzy, and football: promoting unhealthy food and beverages through sport - a New Zealand case study. BMC Public Health 2013, 13:126. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-126

White J & Signal L. Evidence supporting traffic light nutrition labelling in submissions to the Australian and New Zealand Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy: The case is strong. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 2012; 36 (5), 446-451.

Signal L, Lanumata T, Ni Mhurchu C, & Gorton D. Front-of-pack nutrition labelling implementation and research: an exploration of stakeholder views. Health Promotion Journal of Australia. 2012; 23(1), 48-51.

Signal L, Walton M, Ni Mhurchu C, Maddison R, Bowers S, Carter K, Gorton D, Heta C, Lanumata T, McKerchar C, O’Dea D, & Pearce J., Tackling ‘wicked’ health promotion problems: a New Zealand case study. Health Promotion International 2012, doi:10.1093/heapro/das006.

Walton M, Signal L, & Thomson G. Public policy to promote healthy nutrition in schools: Views of policymakers. Health Education Journal. 2012 doi: 10.1177/0017896912442950.

Carter M, Edwards R, Signal L, Hoek, J. Availability and marketing of food and beverages to children through sports settings: a systematic review. Public Health Nutrition 2011 doi:10.1017/S136898001100320X.

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Signal L, Thomson G. Framing obesity: The framing contest between industry and public health at the New Zealand Inquiry into Obesity. Obesity Reviews. Online August 2011.

Walton M, Waiti J, Signal L, Thomson G. Identifying barriers to promoting healthy nutrition in New Zealand primary schools. Health Education Journal 2010; 69, 84-94.

Thornley L, Signal L & Thomson G. Does industry regulation of food advertising protect child rights? Critical Public Health 2010; 20, 25-33.

Walton M., Signal L & Thomson G. Household Economic Resources as a Determinant of Childhood Nutrition: policy responses for New Zealand. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand 2009; 36, 194-207.

Pollock S, Signal L & Watts C. Supermarket Discounts: Are they promoting healthy non-alcoholic beverages? Nutrition & Dietetics 2009; 66, 101–107.

Smith M & Signal L. Global Influences on Milk Purchasing in New Zealand – Implications for Health and Inequalities. Globalization and Health. 5 (1) doi:10.1186/1744-8603-5-1.

Walton M & Signal L. Environmental Influences on Obesity and Children’s Nutrition in Aotearoa NZ. Keeping Up to Date 2008: 27; 1-8.

Signal L, Lanumata T, Robinson J, Tavila , Wilton J & Ni Mhurchu C. Perceptions of NZ nutrition labels by Māori, Pacific and low-income shoppers. Public Health Nutrition 2008; 12 (7), 706-713.

Maher A, Wilson N, Signal L, & Thomson G. Patterns of Sports Sponsorship by Gambling, Alcohol and Food Companies: An Internet Survey. BMC Public Health 2006; 6, 95.

Maher A, Wilson N, & Signal L. Advertising and availability of ‘obesogenic’ foods around NZ secondary schools: a pilot study. NZMJ 2005;15 (118) 1218.

Book chapters

Walton M. & Signal, L. 2010. Childhood obesity and the food environment in K. Witten & J. Pearce (Editors). Geographies of Obesity: Environmental understandings of the obesity epidemic. Hamilton, Ontario, Ashgate.

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Tobacco control

For tobacco control publications please visit the ASPIRE2025 website

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Other policy-related

Journal articles

Dew K, Stubbe M, Signal L, Sarfati D, Stairmand J, Dennett L, Koea J, Simpson A, Batten L, Cunningham C, Ellison-Loschman L, Barton J, Holdaway M. Cancer care decision-making in multidisciplinary teams: A qualitative observational study. Qualitative Health Research 2014 DOI:1049732314553010.

L Thornley, J Ball, L Signal, K Lawson-Te Aho & E Rawson. Building community resilience: learning from the Canterbury earthquakes, Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online

Collings S, Jenkin G, Carter K, Signal L. Gender differences in the mental health of single parents: New Zealand evidence from a household panel survey. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 2013 1-11.

Signal L, Lanumata T & Bowers S. Punching loan sharks on the nose: effective interventions to reduce financial hardship in New Zealand. Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2012; 23 (2), 108-111.

Rochford T & Signal L. Using a framework of Māori models for health to promote the health of Māori. Keeping Up to Date 2009; 29 & 30, 1-6.

Walker T, Signal L, Russell M, Smiler K, Tuhiwai-Ruru R. Otaki Community Health Centre, Te Wakahuia Hauora, Te Aitanga a Hauiti Hauora & Turanga Health. The road we travel: Māori experience of cancer. NZMJ, 8 August 2008, Vol 121 No 1279; ISSN 1175 8716.

Bierre S, Howden-Chapman P, & Signal L. Institutional challenges in addressing healthy low-cost housing for all – learning from past policy. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand 2007; 30, 42-64.

Signal L, Martin J, Reid P, Carroll C, Howden-Chapman P, Keefe Ormsby V, Richards R, Robson B, & Wall T. Tackling health inequalities: moving theory to action. International Journal for Equity in Health 2007; 6 (12)

Signal L, Martin J, Rochford T, Dew K, Grant M & Howden-Chapman P. Strengthening the capacity of mainstream organisations to tackle inequalities in health for Māori: a heart health case study. Australian Journal of Health Promotion 2004; 15 (3), 221-225.


Signal L, Egan R & Cook L. (Eds) 2009. Reviews of Health Promotion Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 2007-2008. Wellington, Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, University of Otago and Auckland, Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand.

Signal L, Martin J, Cram F, & Robson, B. 2008. The Health Equity Assessment Tool: a user’s guide. Wellington, Ministry of Health

Book chapters

Signal L, Cook L & Egan R. 2009. Introducing reviews of health promotion practice. In L. Signal, R. Egan, & L. Cook (Editors). 2009. Reviews of Health Promotion Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 2007-2008. Wellington, Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, University of Otago and Auckland, Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand.

Signal L & Egan R. 2009 Reflections on best practice in health promotion in Aotearoa New Zealand. In L. Signal, R. Egan, & L. Cook (Editors). 2009. Reviews of Health Promotion Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 2007-2008. Wellington, Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, University of Otago and Auckland, Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand.

Signal L. 2008. Tools for Health Equity. In K. Dew & A. Matheson (Editors). Health Inequalities and Need in Aoteoroa New Zealand, Dunedin, Otago University Press.

Signal L. 2007. Health promotion in NZ: Coming into its own. In M. O'Neill, A. Pederson, I. Rootman & S. Dupéré (Editors). Health Promotion in Canada, Toronto, Canadian Scholars Press Inc.

Hearn S, Martin H, Signal L, Wise M. 2005. Health Promotion in Australia and NZ: the struggle for equity. In Angela Scriven and Sebastian Garman (Editors). Promoting Health: Global Perspectives. Houndmills, Basinstoke, Palgrave MacMillian.

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HIA-related publications

Journal articles

Signal L, Langford B, Quigley R & Ward, M. Strengthening health, wellbeing and equity: embedding policy-level HIA in NZ. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand 2006; 29, 17-31.

Richards R, Fithian N, Signal L & Craft M. Equity Focused HIA in New Zealand: What it can do for Policy Development. New South Wales Health Impact Assessment Project E-News 2004; 11, 1-2.

Book chapters

Signal L, Soeberg M & Quigley R. 2013. Health impact assessment at the local level: a New Zealand case study. In M. O’Mullane (Ed). Integrating Health Impact Assessment with the Policy Process. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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5th year medical student reports 

Ah-Yen D, Carroll T, Chakrabarti A, Fry B, Gale J, Okawa K, Sievwright A, Smith T, Stockwell A, Townsend S, and Yi J. Smokescreen: A study on tobacco imagery in popular movies shown in New Zealand. 2004. 

Brindle C, Carrie A, Chilman-Blair K, Fairhall C, Kimber M, Naguleswaran U, Oyston C, Perelini E, Rowan A, Smith C, Spark A. Where There's Smoke There's Lies: A study of awareness amongst the Maori Tobacco Control Workforce of tobacco industry behaviour. 2004.

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