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Māori Strategic Framework

He aha? What is it?

Find out more about the Māori Strategic Framework.

Associate Dean Māori

Our Associate Dean Māori, Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, provides Māori academic leadership across the Division and guides and monitors the implementation of the University's Māori Strategic Framework.

Find out more about the role of the Associate Dean Māori.

Kaiāwhina for the Division

Our Kaiāwhina Māori supports Māori students within Te Kete Aronui (Humanities).

Find out more about the role of the Kaiāwhina Māori.

Departmental Kaiāwhina

Our Departmental Kaiāwhina are here to help with any queries or issues you may have.

See contact details for our Departmental Kaiāwhina.

The Humanities waiata

Listen to the Humanities waiata which was composed by Professor Poia Rewi.

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The words of the waiata and two interpretations of the meaning

Humanities Waiata - Interpretation One

Te Wānanga The University
Aronui The Division of Humanities
Ki te tai The mana whenua
Paki mai (host tribal composition here at East Otago, Te Tai o Arai-i-te-uru)
Au kōrero An amalgamation of knowlege
Au wairua and spirit from the past and present
He roma tāngata forming the alumni
Komiti e of the University of Otago

Humanities waiata - Interpretation Two

Te Wānanga The School of Learning
Aronui And the basket referred to as 'Te Kete Aronui', (which contains knowledge to help humanity)
Ki te tai Which focuses
Paki mai on the tides
Au kōrero Bringing information
Au wairua Bringing vitality
He roma tāngata Bringing people
Komiti e together

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