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Many students come to Otago to study Humanities because of their love of a subject they have studied at school, such as English, Classics, History or a language.

Others want to try something new, and find that they become passionate about new subjects, such as Anthropology, Philosophy or Politics. Many want to find out more about people and cultures around the world.

Humanities subjects are for students interested in people, how they think and how they act, and why they behave in certain ways. Not just individual behaviour, but groups and societies; learning from the past how people are likely to behave in the future.

Interested in studying towards a qualification in the Humanities?

You can also add a few Humanities papers into a Science or Commerce degree.

Find out about our different Humanities subjects and qualifications.

Interested in the Humanities Internship Practicum papers - HUMS301/HUMS401?

These papers give you the opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills while making useful connections with employers.

Find out more about the Humanities Internship Practicum.

Interested in studying towards a postgraduate qualification in the Humanities?

Find out about Humanities postgraduate study.

More about the value of studying Humanities

Many Humanities students like considering the "big" questions around topics such as truth, ethics, justice and faith, and often find that studying raises as many new questions as it does answers.

One of the most valuable things about studying humanities is that students gain essential knowledge and understanding about humans, our cultures, our stories, past and present, and the world we live in.

A Humanities education develops the essential lifelong learning skills that employers seek such as critical thinking, communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Many Otago graduates continue to investigate the subject they have become passionate about through postgraduate studies. They are joined by students from all over the world who contribute to the vibrant postgraduate culture at Otago.

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