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Once a decision has been made who to appoint, departments can verbally advise the successful candidate that they have been recommended for appointment.


The next step is to submit a completed offer grid to Human Resources so that they can issue an offer letter and extend a formal offer of appointment to the candidate. Only Human Resources has the delegation to issue formal offers of appointment.

Use the Recruitment System to enter the offer information and request approval.

Hiring Managers are responsible for submitting the correct and complete offer grid for appointments, but it will often be Divisional Services and Administration staff who are tasked with collecting and inputting the information into the offer grid in Taleo, the University's Online recruitment system. Step-by-step information for staff who are completing offer grids is available online:

Completing an Offer Grid guide

A detailed step-by-step walk through for how to fill out an offer grid with the correct information, helpful examples and links to important policies and guidelines.

Online recruiting – Offer Grid Fact Sheet

A short system guide to use when completing the offer grid.

Online recruiting – Hiring Manager Process Guide

An end-to-end Recruitment guide focused on how to operate Otago's recruitment system 'Taleo'.

There is also supplementary information about the whole recruitment process for Divisional Services and Administration staff on the Teams site (restricted access).

In making remuneration decisions, refer to the Remuneration Policy contact your DHRM, HR Adviser or Recruitment Consultant to assist.

Direct to offer

Direct to Offer is the process used to appoint a chosen candidate without the need to publicly advertise the vacancy. This has previously been described as an unadvertised appointment.

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