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Who is eligible?

Many academic staff in departments, programmes, research teams and centres hold significant and essential leadership roles such as Deputy role, Course Convenor, Committee Chair and leading a group/team. Grass-roots academic leadership is at the heart of successful learning, teaching and research because leaders foster environments where staff and students engage in, and enjoy, their work and study. This is why senior leaders at the University strongly support providing opportunities for all academic staff to develop leadership skills as part of succession development and distributed leadership.

All Academic Heads/Directors and nominated academic staff can attend workshops and courses on a wide range of topics. They can take a “pick and mix” approach by choosing to attend as many, or as few, activities as are relevant to their role and learning needs.

Academic Heads/Directors can nominate any of their academic staff to receive information about and attend activities. The Head of ALDP can help academic staff to formulate their leadership development plan.

What is available?

Courses (1–2 days) and workshops (2–4 hours) on personal, interpersonal and strategic leadership as well as management skills. Facilitators include discipline leaders from across the University community.

Topics include:

  • confident communication
  • leading people
  • leadership styles
  • managing time and energy
  • working with a team to achieve goals
  • making sound financial decisions
  • managing risk
  • creating a visible research presence
  • fostering a vibrant teaching culture
  • having accountability conversations
  • achieving goals that align with strategic priorities

Workshops offered to all academic and professional managers run by Learning and Development include:

  • Leadership Byte
  • Connecting with Our Community series

Visit the Learning and Development Programme page for more information on these workshops.

How can I register?

Book for a course online by visiting the registration page, where you can view workshops by date or subject:

Registration – Academic Leadership Development Programme

For supplementary resources and information you can visit the ALDP blog:

Blog – Academic Leadership Development Programme

Contact us

For more information, please contact:


Or visit us upstairs at 270 Leith Walk.

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