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Footprints in the Sand, Powered by Westpac

Taking steps together for our future ocean

Community programme

The ocean is a vital part of our lives, supporting our wellbeing, work, recreation and kai moana. Over half the oxygen we breathe is produced from the ocean and in New Zealand we have over 15,000 km of coastline. Our marine environment faces extreme challenges from climate change and coastal development to resource exploitation and pollution. It is crucial that we continue to connect with our coast and learn how to care for it.

Join us in 2022 as we take steps together for a healthier ocean by learning about what makes our coast special and how we can step up as kaitiaki for our marine environment. We'll be exploring our wet backyard, gathering information and sharing knowledge in our “Footprints in the Sand” programme, powered by Westpac.

Check out what is coming up and how you can get involved below:

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Regular activities

Marine Encounters at the NZ Marine Studies Centre Tours

During a tour of the NZ Marine Studies Centre at Portobello, connect to your coast and meet local marine species to find out what makes them special, vulnerable and resilient. We'll also get an insight into climate change research currently underway at the Portobello Marine Lab.

Wet and Wild Walks

Join an expert guide on a coastal walk. Discover a range of unique plants and animals and investigate how human activities are changing their homes.

“Eyes Underwater” – Livestreams

Explore the coastal and underwater world from the comfort of your home.

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Snippets from the Sea

Join a variety of people who are connected to the ocean, marine science, climate change and sustainability fields for short presentations, films, afternoon tea and knowledge sharing.

Coastal Care Workshops

Get empowered with these specific skill workshops in photography, Marine Metre Squared, Litter Intelligence and more!

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2022 schedule

To view our schedule and book please visit our Humanitix page or our Facebook page.

You can also keep up to do date with our events by subscribing to our newsletters.

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