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sealiongameThe NZ Marine Studies Centre produces a range of resources to support our programmes and research activities.  Some of these, such as our marine life database, can be used online.  Others may be downloaded.  These materials may be reproduced for educational purposes, but please ensure you say where they have come from.  We also have a selection of books and other publications for purchase.

New resources

The Ocean Puppet Show – Episode 2!

Fishy is on another adventure under the waves! This time Fishy is finding out how his friends stay hidden and protected from predators. Join for the second episode of this fun and humorous puppet show by our Nelson-based educator, Richard de Hamel.

Introducing SOAK! Pied Shag with Richard de Hamel image 1xIntroducing SOAK!

We have a new unpaid video star!  Well, “star” is a slightly grand title, 'liability' might be more accurate!

“Soak” is the loveable, but unreliable, Pied Cormorant behind a new series of short videos on the Marine Environment brought to you by the NZ Marine Studies Centre.  Fortunately, “Soak”, who is a pied shag, is helped along by our Nelson-based educator, Richard de Hamel.  Soak is of course a puppet, but he seems to take on a life of his own!

You can check out the SOAK resource series here


Life in a Rock Pool is a poster designed by the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.  Aimed at primary and intermediate students, it illustrates feeding behaviours in a rock pool and supports supper in the sea, food webs and intertidal life education programmes.  The poster is designed to be printed at 84cm wide x 30cm tall.

Download the Life in a Rock Pool poster here (PDF)

Life Between the Tides illustrates the strange and amazing marine animals and plants that are found on the rocky shore at low tide. Sixty-three species are included in the image.  Will you be able to find them all?  The poster is designed to be printed at 84cm wide x 30cm tall.  The key gives common, scientific and Māori names.

Download the Life Between the Tides poster here (PDF)

Printed copies of both posters are available from the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.

Download a seashore resources order form (PDF)

Books and resources

The New Zealand Seashore Guide is a great resource for families who enjoy exploring the coastline, and a great tool for teachers when they take their class to visit the rocky shore.  Authors Sally Carson and Rod Morris have provided text and colourful photographs to assist with the identification of plant and animal species.  Sally and Rod have also designed activities based on the book that will help teachers, educators and parents to bring the seashore to life in the classroom.

Order a copy today through the Potton and Burton website (link below), or downloading a seashore resources order form (pdf below). If you are a school, get in touch with for a 20% discount. Teachers notes can also be downloaded via the PDF link below.

The Ocean of Tomorrow is a resource for schools about Ocean Acidification. Contact us about our 3 day ocean acidification programme for secondary schools. Email:

Order a copy by downloading and sending us a completed seashore order form (below), or find the guide and associated materials on our Resources to Download page (link below):

Marine life database

This will help you to identify marine species you find, or want to know more about.

Go to the marine life database

Marine Metre Squared

Carry out a survey on your local shore, count the animals and plants you find in a 1m x 1m square.  Record and share your information.

Read more about Marine Metre Squared on this website

See to join the project

Resources to download

These resources, which include teacher guides, identification and fact sheets, games and activities, are grouped according to the topics and programmes they support.

Explore our resources to download

Resources to order

We stock a small supply of marine books and guides, and resources for sale. They can be posted out to you, or collected from the Centre by arrangement.

Explore resources you can order

Children's activities

Looking for something to engage the family or class?  How about making a Hector's Dolphin puppet or playing a Deep Sea board game?

Check out these activities


We've put together a list of useful websites for you.

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