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BSc (Mining), MMPP, MBA (Catholic University of Bolivia), DBA (Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia)

Room Otago Business School 4.10
Tel +64 3 479 8467

Sergio comes from working more than 20 years in the mining and related industries. He has co-founded a few companies including mining, service and maintenance, silver-ware and paint manufacturing.

sergio_biggemannSergio holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Business at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. His thesis "Understanding and Modelling the Dynamics of Business-to-Business Relationships" was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's commendation for a doctoral thesis of exceptional merit. He also holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Management and Public Policy from the Catholic University of Bolivia (both with Distinction) and a bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering.

He has hold teaching roles at Masters and Executive levels and consulting extensively throughout Latin America, Europe, Turkey, and the US. Sergio was also Research Director at the Latin America Logistics Centre, a leading logistics organisation through which more than 800 Latin American companies participate in an annual logistics benchmarking exercise. Sergio's professional affiliations include being a member of the IMP Group, the Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, the Bolivian Society of Engineers, and holding the position of Honours President of the Bolivian Logistics Association. He has been a member of New Zealand Business Mentors for the last ten years.

His current research interests include:

  • The dynamics of business-to-business relationships; intercompany interaction in complex networks
  • Supply chain integration, collaboration, readiness, and resilience
  • The effects of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence in human – machine interaction in business-to-business and service marketing

Sergio is the Director of the Department of Marketing PhD Programme. His current doctoral students are:

PhD Primary supervisor:

Thanuka Mahesha de Silva: Toward an Understanding of How Artificial Intelligent Agents Cocreate Value with Customers. Co-supervisors Associate Professor Tony Garry, Dr Loic Li

Tahmine Sarvari: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence Assistants on Customers' Negative Reactions. Co-supervisors Professor Lisa McNeill and Associate Professor Tony Garry

Yusepaldo Pasharibu: The Role of Engagement Platform in Supporting Stakeholders' Value Creation. Co-supervisor Associate Professor Lincoln Wood

Yalda Boroushaki: The investigation of micro-foundations on supply chain resilience. Co-supervisor Professor Richard Greatbanks


Kara Ma: Sustainable Fashion Consumption and the “Intention-Behaviour” Gap: A Cross-cultural Study. Primary supervisor Professor Lisa McNeill

Doctor of Business Administration Primary Supervisor

Fengxian Jin: The development of third-party procurement business relationship.

Anupam Shailaj: Usefulness of business plans. Co-supervisor Dr Jonathan Scott

PhD Graduates

Quynh Anh Đào (2023): Managing cultural differences in International Joint Ventures and the role of Social Identity Theory

Amy (Siqiao) Luan (2022): Knowledge Transfer within Multinational Enterprises via International Assignees: A Multi-level Microfoundational Empirical Investigation in the Food and Beverage Industry between China and New Zealand

Arezoo Fakhimi (2021): Customer Service Experience of AI-Based Organisational Frontlines

Katayoun Zafari (2019): Building Resilience in Turbulent Environments. The Role of Relationship Marketing

Regina Maniam (2018): Effects of Social Capital on Start-up Outcomes

Donia Waseem (2018): Value Co-Creation: Role of Actor's Competence and Motivation

Kamer Yuksel (2017): A New Understanding of Brand Development through Social Actor Engagement

Joe Chai (2012): An Investigation of the Influence of Consumer Acculturation in Ethnic Consumer–Banking Service Provider Relationships in New Zealand

Marcus Schulz (2011): New Mindsets for Service-Orientated Marketing, Based on the Understanding of Emotions in Interpersonal Relationships


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