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Our postgraduate students benefit from Marketing at Otago's strong reputation for research-led teaching

The Department is large and comprised of staff from around the globe with a variety of research interests. We supervise a significant number of postgraduate students, in a wide range of topics.

Take a look at the list of postgraduate students and their topics below:

Current Marketing PhD candidates

Mohammad Al Haj Eid: Towards a Sustainable Circular Economy: Achieving a Balance through the Social Dimension

Jamshid Alinasab: Small Firms Real Options for Foreign Market Entry

Holly Bates Williams: Understanding the motivational drivers of close-hand wildlife encounters in New Zealand

Yalda Boroushaki: Studying the Impacts of Organisational Micro-foundations on Supply Chain Resilience

Thanuka Mahesha de Silva: Toward an Understanding of How Artificial Intelligent Agents Cocreate Value with Customers

Parham Jafari Moghadam Fard: Strategic social media framework for B2B integrated marketing communication

Pham Van Hau: The role that green packaging plays in consumers' intention purchase: A case study in Vietnam

Mehran Kamali: Modern marketing and crisis: Developing a framework for early detection of marketing crises

Harsh Khatwani: The use of immersive 360 VR videos and branched storytelling to influence public agency and self-efficacy towards climate change

Kara Ma: Sustainable Fashion Consumption and the “Intention-Behavior” Gap: A Cross-cultural Study

Mentalla Hossameldine Sayed Mohamed: Improving EV Adoption in New Zealand: A Mixed Reasoned Action Approach Study

Yen Dao Hoang Nguyen: Lived experiences for building resilience among different social styles of undergraduate students in New Zealand higher education – An interpretative phenomenological analysis approach

Anh (Mia) Hoang Minh Nguyen: Diaspora Effects, Acculturation and Food Culture: An examination of Vietnamese diaspora’s role in the cross-cultural study

Nurun Naher Popy: Predicting Consumers' Attitude Towards Sustainable Packaging

Otila Osborne: Digging Deeper: An exploration of online gambling behaviours in older women and the role of social marketing

Yusepaldo Pasharibu: The Role of Engagement Platform in Supporting Stakeholders’ Value Creation

Tahmine Sarvari: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence Assistants on Customers' Negative Reactions

Benisha Senadheera: Using the Streamer as a Sensory Proxy in Live Streaming E‑Commerce

Kathy Zhang: Student Perspectives on E‑learning in a University Setting

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