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If Marketing is about people, then our main strength is the calibre of our staff – and students

Read on to find out about what makes the Department of Marketing at Otago shine.

Our Marketing staff

In the Department of Marketing we aren't just skilled educators and teachers, with a strong background of world-class research – we also know just how important our students are. Whether you are dealing with one of our support, or academic staff members, you will find us available and approachable.

Take a look at the Department of Marketing staff profiles.

Our Marketing postgraduate students

We have a number of postgraduate students involved in a wide range of research topics. Our reputation for excellent research and postgraduate supervision has drawn them to the Department of Marketing. When they are not working hard on their study, or tutoring within the department, they can be found enjoying the Otago lifestyle – just like you could be!

To find out more about Department of Marketing postgraduate students, please read the profiles for:

Find out more about our people

You can find out more about the people who make the Department of Marketing at Otago by visiting the following pages:

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