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Everything comes down to maths

Mathematics is used to solve practical problems such as organising the arrival of materials on a building site, encrypting and decrypting internet messages, modelling blood flow through a damaged heart, predicting the break-up of ice floes, to name just a few.

These are all examples of mathematics in action – mathematics making a real difference in the world where we live.

Studying Mathematics at Otago lays the foundation and provides the skills for solving real-life problems.

Career opportunities in mathematics

Career options for Mathematics graduates are remarkably broad.

Many students take jobs where mathematics is not the main focus of the business, and yet their mathematical skills are their greatest asset. That is because mathematics and the analytical and logical thinking that it teaches are vital in understanding and solving all manner of quantitative problems, from electricity generation to data  compression, from weather forecasting to the study of bone density loss.

Our Mathematics graduates go on to careers in a wide range of areas, including finance, insurance, data science, engineering, consulting, education, information technology and government. Our graduates also go on to postgraduate study at Otago or their choice of top-ranking universities internationally.

Explore study options in Mathematics

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