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Head of Department

Professor Sarah WakesSarah Wakes(2022)
(PhD Nottingham)

Fellow of Engineering New Zealand
Member of Senate
Member of Academic Leadership Development Programme Advisory Group
Member of Standing Committee and Academic Board for Sciences Division

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Design

Office: Science III, room 2.10
Tel +64 3 479 3148

Directors of Study

Directors of Study can help you plan your course structure or sort out problems with clashes, assessment and access to resources

100-level Mathematics


100-level Statistics


200- and 300-level Mathematics


200- and 300-level Statistics


400-level and Honours Statistics


400-level and Honours Mathematics


Postgraduate Mathematics: Masters and PhD


Postgraduate Statistics: Masters and PhD


Course co-ordinator for BAppSc in Data Science


Course co-ordinator for MAppSc in Statistics


Course co-ordinator for MAppSc in Quantitative Genetics


Māori and Pacific Support Liaison

Kaiawhina Māori


Pacific Island Liaison


Academic Mathematics staff

David Bryant image (2023)Professor David Bryant

Head of Mathematics

Director of Computational Modelling (COMO)
Vice-president of the New Zealand Mathematical Society
Fellow of the Royal Society of NZ

Applications of mathematics and statistics to evolutionary biology and genetics

David is Postgraduate Advisor for Mathematics.

Office: Science III, room 515
Tel +64 3 479 7889

Professor Boris Baeumer
(PhD Louisiana State)

Fractal transport in porous media, anomalous diffusion, transform theory

Boris is  Postgraduate Advisor for Mathematics.

Office: 232A
Tel +64 3 479 7763

Dr Florian BeyerFlorian Beyer (2022)
(PhD Potsdam)

Associate Dean International (Sciences)

Partial differential equations, singular limits and applications in mathematical physics

Office: Science III, room 218
Tel +64 3 479 7768

Dr Timothy Candy
(MSc (Canterbury), PhD (Edinburgh))

Senior Lecturer

Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis

Office: Science III, room 216
Tel +64 3 479 7781

Professor Jörg Frauendiener
(PhD Tübingen)

Chair of Applied Mathematics
Fellow of the Royal Society of NZ

Mathematical Physics

Office: Science III, room 223
Tel +64 3 479 7770

Joerg Hennig (2022)Dr Jörg Hennig
(PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) University Jena)

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for 200- and 300-level Mathematics

Analytical and Numerical Relativity

Office: Science III, room 215
Tel +64 3 479 7765

Dr Fabien MontielFabien Montiel (2022)
(MSc (École Centrale de Nantes), PhD (Otago))

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for 400-level and Honours Mathematics

Wave scattering theory, Ocean wave modelling, Sea ice physics, Acoustics, Wave energy

Office: Science III, room 514
Tel +64 3 479 7760

Dr Dominic Searles
(PhD University of Illinois)

Senior Lecturer

Algebra and combinatorics

Office: Science III, room 220
Tel +64 3 479 7762

Associate Professor Robert Van GorderRobert Van Gorder image
(BSc, PhD)

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for 100-level Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Office: Science III, room 212
Tel +64 3 479 7783

Academic Statistics staff

Professor Martin HazeltonMartin Hazelton (2022)
(MA, D.Phil (Oxon))

Head of Statistics

Director of Studies for 400-level and Honours Statistics
Director of Studies for postgraduate Statistics: Masters and PhD

Network tomography; smoothing methods; statistical theory, methods and applications

Office: Science III, room 233
Tel +64 3 479 7605

Dr Tilman DaviesTilman Davies(2022)
(BCM (UWA), BScHons (Massey), PhD (Massey))

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for 100-level Statisctics
Pacific Islands Liaison

Kernel smoothing, applied point process modelling, computational statistics, geographical epidemiology

Office: Science III, room 222
Tel +64 3 479 7772

Headshot Peter Dillingham

Dr Peter Dillingham
(BSc, MSc (Alaska Fairbanks), PhD Otago)

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for 200- and 300-level Statistics
Coastal People: Southern Skies Centre of Research Excellence (Theme Leader)

Ecological, Environmental, and Bayesian Statistics

Office: Science III, room 516
Tel +64 3 479 5971

Dr Conor KresinDr Conor Kresin


Point process theory and applications, stochastic geometry, disease modelling, information theory, causal inference

Office: Science III, room 213
Tel +64 3 556 7742

Associate Professor Matthew ParryMatthew Parry (2022)
(PhD Brown University, USA)

Course co-ordinator for BAppSc in Data Science

Decision theory and information geometry, epidemiology, spatiotemporal processes, cosmology and astrostatistics

Office: Science III, room 236
Tel +64 3 479 7780

Associate Professor Matthew SchofieldMatthew Schofield (2022)
(PhD Otago)

Bayesian inference, environmental and ecological statistics.

Office: Science III, room 237
Tel +64 3 479 7779

Professor Katrina SharplesKatrina Sharples (2022)
(MSc (Statistics) PhD (Biostatistics))

Professor of Biostatistics
Biostatistics, clinical trials, applications of statistics in epidemiology

Office: Science III, room 238
Tel +64 21 245 5686

Associate Professor Ting WangTing Wang image (2023)
(PhD (Massey University, Dean's List of Exceptional Doctoral Theses); MSc (graduated 1 year ahead of schedule), BSc (Beijing Normal University))

Hidden Markov models and their applications; Stochastic models, especially in earthquake and volcanic hazard modelling; Point process theory; Survival analysis

Office: Science III, room 518
Tel +64 3 479 7773

Associate Professor Phillip WilcoxPhillip Wilcox (2022)
(B.For.Sci.(Hons), PhD., Dip. Ara Reo Māori)

Kaiawhina Māori, Dept. Mathematics and Statistics
Kaikōkiri Māori, Genetics Teaching Programme
Affiliate, Bioethics Centre
Kaiawhina Māori, Genetics Teaching Programme (shared)

Quantitative genetics, applied genomics, breeding, medical genetics, Māori engagement

Office: Science III, room 221
Tel +64 3 479 7771

Xun Xiao imageDr Xun Xiao
(PhD City Univ. of Hong Kong)

Reliability, Statistical Process Control, Industrial Statistics

Office: Science III, room 235
Tel +64 3 479 7775

Teaching staff

Alex FowlerAlex Fowler(2022)
(MSc Computer Science, BSc(Hons) Mathematics)

Teaching Fellow

Office: Science III, room 219
Tel +63 27 319 1961

Dr John ShanksJohn Shanks (2022)
(DPhil Oxford)

Numerical analysis

Office: Science III, room 513
Tel +64 3 479 7778

Research Fellows

Linda Dunn

Research assistant

Office: Science III, room 211

Tim JowettTim Jowett (2022)
(MSc Otago)

Senior Research Fellow
Consultant Statistician

Office: Science III, room 234
Tel +64 3 479 7776

Dr Michael Lee
(BSc(Hons), DipGrad, PhD(Otago))

Senior Research Fellow

Office: Science III, room 214
Tel +64 3 479 7764

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr Alastair Lamont

Office: Science III, room 217

Dr Duc Nguyen

Office: Science III, 217
Tel +64 22 5095 676

Dr Andrea Perez Silva

Office Science III, room 211

Professional staff

Bronwyn Hughes

Financial Associate


Chris Palmer
(BSc Hons, PG Dip (Sci) Otago)

Programmer Scientific (ITS)

Office: Science III, room 115
Tel +64 3 479 7739

Sarah Stewart


Office: Science III, 2nd floor reception
Tel +64 3 479 7899

Greg Trounson imageGreg Trounson
(BSc, BCom Otago)

Team Leader, ITS Scientific Programming

Office: Science III, room 115
Tel +64 3 479 7739

Damian Walls

Lead Administrator

Office: 109c
Tel:+64 3 479 7911

Emeritus Professors

Emeritus Professor Robert Aldred
(PhD Melbourne)

Graph theory and combinatorics
Retired from the Department in April 2021

Emeritus Professor Derek Holton
(PhD McGill)

Graph theory and combinatorics, mathematics education
Retired April 2009 but continuing links with the Department


Emeritus Professor Vernon Squire
(DSc Wales, PhD MASt Cambridge)

Polar marine modelling and physics, wave methods, continua, remote sensing
Vernon left the Department in 2005 to become the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Division of Sciences. In 2010 he was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International), which later became Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). He became Professor Emeritus from 1 May 2019, continuing his research interests and maintaining links with the University.

Office: No physical location on campus
Tel +64 21 213 5815

Honorary staff

Dr Murray Efford
(D.Phil. Oxon.)

Honorary Senior Lecturer
Statistical ecology

Tel +64 3 476 4668

Associate Professor John HarrawayJohn Harraway (2022)
(BSc (Hons), MSc Otago)

Honorary Associate Professor
Past President International Association for Statistical Education
Member International Association of Official Statistics
Elected Member of International Statistical Institute
Member Otago Global Health Institute

Applied statistics, statistics education

Office: Science III, room 513
Tel +64 3 479 7778

Darryl Mackenzie
(PhD Otago)

Honorary Associate Professor

Associated staff

Professor Richard Barker
(PhD Massey)

Bayesian inference, hierarchical models, ecological statistics, mark-recapture models
Left the Department in 2017 to become the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Division of Sciences.

Tel +64 3 479 7756

Professor Mik Black
(BSc (Hons), PhD Purdue)

Genetics/genomics, bioinformatics, Bayesian modeling, statistical computing
Based in Department of Biochemistry. Mik supervises students in Statistics, Genetics and Biochemistry

Office: Biochemistry
Tel +64 3 479 7831

Associate Professor Naomi Ingram
PhD (Maths Ed) (Otago), MSc (Hons), Dip Tchg, (Waikato), BCMS (Waikato)

Senior Lecturer

Tel +64 3 479 4284

Dr Jimmy Zeng
(BSc(Hons), PhD Otago)

Office: Department of Preventive and Social Medicine

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