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Study Mathematics at Otago and become an effective problem solver

You will build a solid foundation for analysing and understanding the mass of quantitative data that is available these days. You will develop problem solving and organisational skills that are highly sought after by employers. You will learn to think both logically and creatively. You will discover an amazingly varied and profoundly rich science that has an intrinsic beauty. You will get your mind around some of the ancient problems that have fascinated humans for centuries.

What will I study?

Maths at Otago introduces students to all major areas of mathematics, from applications to analysis, from modelling to relativity, and from algebra to computation:

Starting out with core mathematical concepts such as algebra and calculus, you will then dive into more specialised fields of mathematics, such as matrix algebra and linear systems, the calculus of functions that depend on several variables, and how to solve differential equations.

Based on this solid foundation of study, you can then choose from a wide variety of papers to follow your interests and complete a well-rounded degree in mathematics.

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If you have any questions about mathematics papers or course structure, please contact the relevant Director of Studies.

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