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Thesis title

How Can Social Media Be Regulated in a Democracy? A Study of Platform Accountability in South Korea


Hugh Slotten

Chris Rudd


Lucas has a BA in Political Science and MA from Korea University. His MA dissertation was on 'Multiculturalism in Canada'.

Papers published

(in Korean)

  • 2014: “Book Review: The glass cage” by Nicholas Carr, KISO Journal, Vol. 17., available at
  • 2013: “Book Review: Going to Extremes- How like minds unite and divide” by Cass R. Sunstein, KISO Journal, Vol. 12., available at
  • 2013: Current views and prospects on the digital property, KISO Journal, Vol. 11., available at
  • 2011: (with  Hwang. Y., Kim. Y.) “Study on digital properties of the deceased: personal information, user's account and contents”, Korea Communication Commission
  • 2010: “A Model of regulation and governance on Internet contents”, Korea Communication Commission
  • 2005: “The Immigration and refugee policy in Canada”, Korea Research Center of Ethnology, Vol.23 NO.10.
  • 2003: “Policies in practice: Multiculturalism in Canada”, Korea Research Center of Ethnology, Vol.11 NO. 2
  • 2003: “Multiculturalism in Canada”, M.A. Thesis, Korea Univ.
  • 2003: “The Japanese Neo-conservatism since the 1990s”, Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol.4 NO. 7
  • 2002: “The human rights of foreign workers in South Korea”, Korea Research Center of Ethnology, Vol.9 NO. 18
  • 2002: “The ethnic involvement in the Afghan and Iraq wars”, Korea Research Center of Ethnology, Vol.8 NO. 6

Conference presentations

  • 2023: "Institutional Layering in Social Media Regulation in South Korea: 1992-2012", Seminar, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, September 28
  • 2017: "Fake News, how do we stop it?", Seminar, National Assembly of South Korea, Seoul, South Korea, February 21
  • 2016: "Online sexual violence, Seminar", National Assembly of South Korea, Seoul, South Korea, November 29
  • 2015: "New Thinking for New Media", International Forum, Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Bangkok, Thailand, June 24
  • 2014: "Youth Personality and the Internet Environment", Seminar, National Assembly of South Korea, Seoul, South Korea, October 31
  • 2014: "Spreading Gender Equality Awareness in the Online Space", Seminar, Korea Women's Development Institute, Seoul, South Korea, October 14
  • 2009: "Media Development Authority (MDA), meeting on Harmful and illegal information", Singapore, December 9~12
  • 2009: "National Communications Commission (NCC), meeting on Harmful and illegal information", Taipei, Taiwan, December 8~9
  • 2003: "International Conference by Tokyo Foundation (MA Thesis Presentation)", Chiang-Mai University, Chiang-Mai, Thailand, October 19~23

Further information

My research and practice experience has been focused on enhancing Internet-based freedom of speech in South Korea. I have 12 years of experience working as a government regulator and as a market driven self-regulator. In these capacities I designed and evaluated yearly plans, delivered lectures, organized events such as seminars and workshops, and actively participated in public debates held domestically and abroad. My professional profile has been crucial in fast-paced, high-stress environments, and I am known for being amiable, thoughtful and humorous. I am happily married, and father to a son.

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