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Check out the array of research expertise emerging within Media, Film and Communication.

PhD and MA

Current PhD students

  • Oliver Dearnley-Smith
    Negative Affects: critical theory and libidinal (dis)economies - from alienation to misery
  • Frankie Fei
    Feel Your Time: (Re)imagining history and futurity in retro-queer narratives
  • Kevin Fletcher
    The Family in United States Media Culture
  • David Green
  • Deniz Karahan-AlpBetween Emancipation and Domination: Herbert Marcuse and social media
  • Mariska Mannes
    When professional and cultural identities collide: working in a multicultural health team in NZ
  • Campbell Walker
  • Jung Seok (Lucas) Yu
    How Can Social Media Be Regulated in a Democracy: A study of platform accountability in South Korea

Current MA by thesis students

  • Taylor Adams
    Somatechnics: Machinic flesh and re-writing the gendered body
  • George Elliott
    A Baudrillardian Analysis of War Porn and the Speculative Martian Frontier

Recently completed PhDs

  • Dr Aida Nasirah Abdullah
    Environmental Online Communication in Malaysia: a Case Study of Best Practices used by Malaysian Environmental NGO's Websites
  • Dr Anne Begg
    Brand New Zealand: Media Governmentality and Affective Biopower
  • Dr Garth Cartwright
    "We Live Inside a Dream": Ideology and Utopia in the Films of David Lynch
  • Dr Maud Ceuterick
    Willful women in contemporary cinema: Affect, space and affirmative aesthetics
  • Dr Florian Deffner
    Communicative Mobility and Networked Mediation in Transnational Lifeworlds: a case study of European Expatriates in Australia
  • Dr Gillian Elliot
    Exploring nature as representation and young adults' conceptualisations of nature in the user-generated online world: Nature 2.0
  • Dr Owain Gwynne
    Fan-Made Time: Power and play in the production paratext of The Hobbit
  • Dr Olivier Jutel
    Liberalism and its Populist Excess – Barack Obama, the Tea Party and the Median Field
  • Dr Chris Hacon
    The Algorithmic Subject: the neo-liberal apparatus and hte social media technology of power
  • Dr Rieko Hayakawa
    Possibility of telecommunication universal service in the Pacific Islands: case studies of Vanuata, PEACESAT and USPNet
  • Dr Teri Higgins
    Attention to Detail: Epistolary Discourse and Contemporary Cinema
  • Dr Gabrielle Hine
    Shaping Motherhood: Representations of Pregnancy in Popular Media
  • Dr Shah Nister J. Kabir
    New Zealand Media Constructions of Islam and Muslims: An analysis of selected newspapers between 2005-2006
  • Dr Rebecca Kambuta
    Programming Parents: Care of Supernanny
  • Dr Paul Kirkham
    Mimesis and Power
  • Carolijn Van Noort
    BRICS online: a narrative analysis of new technologies and identity forming
  • Dr David Paterno
    Joining (or constrained between) Technology and Medium: Social Communication as Organising Practice
  • Dr Bronwyn Polaschek
    The Postfeminist Biopic: Narrating the lives of Plath, Kahlo, Woolf and Austen
  • Dr Ellen Pullar
    Arletty and Jean Harlow: a Comparative Analysis of Two Film Stars of the 1930s
  • Dr Donald Reid
    From Solid to Liquid Culture: The institutional, political and economic transformation of New Zealand state broadcasting
  • Dr Erica Todd
    Representing Romance at the Movies: Passionate Love and Film Genre
  • Dr Massimiliana Urbano
    Becoming-common: affective technologies and grassroots activism in contemporary Italy
  • Dr Thaera Yousef
    Telling gendered news stories of women and Islam in Malaysia: A narrative analysis of Malay women and controversy in Malaysian online news coverage, 2014 to 2017

Recently completed MAs

  • Chloe Banks
  • Alison Blair
    Children of the Revolution: Bolan, Bowie and the carnivalesque
  • Aline Freire de Carvalho Frey
    Realism, Urban Conflict and Spatial Segregation in New Brazilian Cinema
  • Petra Lenihan
    Rethinking Indian Cinema: Toward a Cinema of Multiplicity
  • Paul McMillan
    Media Power, Framing and the New Zealand Press: VSM and Kim Dotcom
  • Bernard Madill
    Soundscaping New Zealand: an Aural Perspective of a Cinematic Geography
  • Ryan Metzler
    Creative cross-cultural collaboration: forging a new path for ethnographic film in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Katherine Miller-Skillander
    Documenting Lives Over Time: How Longitudinal Documentaries Provide a Visual Life Course Perspective
  • Jo Murphy
    Re-Presenting Fear: the Slasher Remake as Cumulative Hypertext
  • Jane Ross
    Re-examinations of Rural Life in Contemporary New Zealand Documentary
  • Abigail Sawyer
    Race, Terror and the Media: Representations of the New Zealand "Anti-terror" Raids
  • Peter Stapleton
    The Rockumentaries, Direct Cinema, and the Politics of the 1960s
  • Edmund Smith
    The Age of the Superhero: the cycle of appropriation & revitalisation in the Hollywood Blockbuster
  • Amie Taua
  • Matt Ward
    Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Narrative Innovation in Contemporary American Science Fiction Television
  • Eileen Yu
    Virginia Woolf, the Window and Visual Culture
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