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Professor Catherine Fowler
Feminist media studies; audio-visual essays; film and media theory; alternative and European cinemas

Dr Olivier Jutel
Populism; discourse and psychoanalysis; online social movements; affective media and publics; cyber-libertarianism

Dr Sabrina Moro
Sexual violence; feminism; popular culture; celebrity culture; cancel culture; research methods

Dr Brett Nicholls
Media studies; critical theory; extremist political movements; Baudrillard studies; discourse analysis; postcolonial studies

Dr Rosemary Overell
Psychoanalysis/Lacanian theory; Gender Studies; Japanese and Asian Studies; Ethnographic methodologies

Dr Yuki Watanabe
Contemporary popular culture, gender and media (femininity and masculinity), popular culture in Asia, political economy of media, intercultural communication, the use of technology in instruction

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