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Bethany Geckle

Thesis Title

Actor-network theory and heteronormativity: Analysing Skateboarding and Drag


Sally Shaw

Rosemary Overell

Doug Booth


Bethany has a BSc (Kinesiology) from Pennsylvania State University



Understanding Contemporary Media (MFCO 102)

History of Sport (PHSE 204)

Sport Development and Management (SPEX 209)

Advanced Sport Management (SPEX 314)


Geckle, B. (in press). 'Failure and Futurity: The Transformative Potential of Queer Skateboarding'. YOUNG: Nordic Journal of Youth Research.

Conference Papers

2017: 'A Herd of Black Sheep: The Loss of the Skateboarding Lifestyle'. Australian Society for Sports History. University of Technology, Sydney.
2017: 'Balls Out: Masculinity and Heteronormativity in 1980s Skateboarding and Drag'. North American Society for Sport History. California State University.
2017: 'Networks of Heteronormativity: Skateboarding, Drag, and Hip Hop'. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. The University of Otago / Massey University.
2019: '"Talk-Action=0": Skating Around Skateboarding's Call to Action'. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. Virginia Beach, VA.
2019: 'Connecting the Pieces: Skateboarding and Actor-Network Theory'. International Sociology of Sport Association. The University of Otago.
2019: 'Networking with Heteronormativity: Skateboarding, Drag, Punk, Hip Hop, and Alternative Art'. Pushing Boarders. Malmö, Sweden.

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