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Carolijn Van Noort

Master in Global Business Management (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona), MA Media & Culture (Universiteit van Amsterdam), BA Media & Culture (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Awaiting graduation

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Thesis Title:

Constructing a new world order through a narrative of infrastructural development: the case of the BRICS

Thesis Abstract:

The aim of this research is to understand how the emerging power bloc BRICS employs infrastructure development narratives to construct a new world order. BRICS is an international body consisting of five emerging countries that collaborate on economic and political issues: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Due to BRICS' attention to infrastructure investment and financing, through its support of the New Partnership on African Development and the set up of the New Development Bank in Shanghai, this study explores the projection and perception of infrastructure development narratives. The theory of Strategic Narratives is deployed to explore BRICS' commitment to infrastructure development and to distinguish three layers: system narratives (BRICS as a global actor to propose development reform), identity narratives (BRICS as a collective identity joining efforts to act upon development aspirations) and issue narratives (BRICS committed to a range of issues of which infrastructure development is prominent). The methodology that is employed is a narrative analysis of BRICS' official documents, public speeches and website texts. A comparison of these narratives illuminates tensions at the three layers and among the five member states. Identifying tensions among development infrastructure narratives provides indication where to improve policymaking for infrastructure development. Subsequently, it advances BRICS' ability to act as a global actor to construct a new world order.


Dr Chris Rudd (Department of Politics)
Associate Professor Vijay Devadas

Personal Information:

Born in the Netherlands, but curious for all kinds of dynamics internationally, I have a great interest developed for the interaction between media and politics. I have studied at four different Universities where I developed analytical skills to use in various interdisciplinary angles. With a Bachelor and Master Degree in Media & Culture (Universiteit van Amsterdam), I learned how to conduct solid media analysis. For one year, I have studied International Relations at Post Graduate level (San Francisco State University) where I learned the dynamics of international affairs. With my studies in Global Business Management (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), I learned the commercial dynamics of a globalized economy. During my internship at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, I conducted a research on social media and diplomacy. In addition, I have worked and travelled in over fifty countries around the world, which makes me sensitive to various cultural contexts. Moreover, I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people every day.

Teaching and Tutoring:

Previous Teaching:
English Language (Mei Cheng English College, China)

Previous Tutoring:
MFCO313: Culture, Politics, Policy & Global Media, 2015
POLS104: International Relations - Introduction, 2015
Women Studies, Department of Behavioral Studies (San Francisco State University, USA)

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