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Virginia Woolf, the Window and Visual Culture

Thesis Abstract:

My thesis explores Virginia Woolf's major novels in analogy with various visual media, particularly painting, photography and cinematography. Focusing on the window in Woolf's different works, my study engages with modes of interart analogy, through which I aim to examine how Woolf's experimental writings – viewed through the visual lens of the window – parallels different forms of visual arts. In doing so, I will further explore how her deployments of the window as an analogue to literary form vary over time throughout her writing career.


Dr. Rochelle Simmons; Dr. Catherine Fowler

Personal Bio:

Originally from China, I graduated from University of International Business and Economics in 2013 with a BA in business English. I then did my MA in international journalism in Hong Kong Baptist University and graduate in 2014.

Research assistance:

Dr. Paula Voci (since May, 2016 Univeristy of Otago)


Mediating the Real (August 31-September 2, 2016 University of Otago)


Yu, X. X. (2015). On Calvino's Invisible Cities: An analysis based on Derrida's Deconstructionism. World Literature (Tamkang University), 9, 45-73.

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