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Peace in Aotearoa-New Zealand: Past, Present and Future

Conference venue

Castle Lecture Theatre Complex, access off Albany Street (between Arts Building 95 Albany Street and Central Library), University of Otago, Dunedin

Conference Programme 2019

Day 1

Monday 25 November 2019

Castle 1 Castle A Castle B Castle C
9:00–9:30 Welcome
9:30–10:30 Keynote 1 – Moana Jackson
Renowned Māori Lawyer
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA

Session 1A

Kieran Ford: Alternative Approaches to Countering Far-Right Extremism in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Tamkeen Said: Extremism in Aotearoa

Session 1B
Militarism, Peace and Planet

Peace Movement Aotearoa: Challenging militarism to build peace and justice, advancing Pacific partnerships and time for action on killer robots

Session 1C
Disarmament Education in Action

A Panel with Kate Dewes, Marcus Coll and Olivia Shimasaki

12:00–13:00 LUNCH BREAK (at the delegates' own expense)
13:00–1400 Keynote 2 – Kevin Clements
Foundational Director – National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies


Session 2A
Peace Studies, the Military and Civilians

Griffin Leonard and Joseph Llewelyn: Building Security and Peacebuilding through Military Abolition

Richard Jackson and Aidan Gnoth: What is the “Peace” in “Peace Studies”?

Kyle Matthews: ‘No Spy Waihopai’: How does
Praxis Inform the Theories of Pragmatic Nonviolence?"

Session 2B
Youth and Peace

Tracy Scott: Voice to Voice – A Youth Resiliency Programme

Marie Nissanka: Investigating the Relationship Between Volence and Multiple Deprivation in Young People

15:00–15:30 AFTERNOON TEA

Session 3A
Peace and Practice

Sylvia Frain and Monica Carrer: The Everyday Peace Initiative: Putting research into practice

Christina Barruel: The Peace Foundation (PF): Offering Peer Mediation in Aotearoa-New Zealand Schools

Session 3B
Contemporary Issues in the Pacific

Mino Cleverley: Climate Change Conflict and the Pacific Islands

Heather Tribe: Food Security and Peacebuilding in New Zealand

David Whippy: Is Fiji Ready for Peace Education?

Session 3C
Hybrid Peacebuilding and Security Sector Reform

A Panel with Sung Yong Lee, Yuji Uesugi, Hiromi Nagata Fujishige
and Kyoko Cross

16:30–17:30 Keynote 3 – Moana Maniapoto
Renowned musician and film-maker

18:00–19:00 A reception to honour Professor Kevin Clements – to be held in the The Link

Day 2

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Castle 1 Castle A Castle B Castle C
9:30–10:30 Keynote 4 – Oscar Temaru
Former President of French Polynesia
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA

Session 4A
The Victims of Violence

Sung Yong Lee: Between Forgiveness and Revenge in Cambodia

Hyukmin Kang: Understanding Nonviolent Actions for Victims of State-led Violence

Obinna Nweke: Gender Justice and Peace Gaps in the Boko Haram Transitional Justice Discourse

Session 4B
Intergroup Relations

A Panel with Mariska Kappmeier, Chiara Venanzetti, Hussain Raissi and Joshua Campbell

Session 4C
Exploring Indigenous Peace Traditions Collaboratively

A Panel with Kelli Te Maihāroa, Heather Devere, Maui Solomon and  Maata Wharehoka

12:00–13:00 LUNCH BREAK (at the delegates' own expense)

Keynote 5 – Stellan  Vinthagen
"The Imperative to Become an Activist Scholar: And all the Challenges that Comes With It"


Session 5A
The Treaty of Waitangi and Peace

Griffin Leonard: Māori and the Great Wars

Peace Movement Aotearoa: Peace, the Treaty, Human Rights, and the UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies

Janine Joyce: Ngāi Tahu, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Democracy, Sustainable Culture and Community

Session 5B
Climate Justice Panel

A Panel examining the climate crisis through a peace and conflict lens. Panelists include Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins, Zac Rudin (Student Strikes for Climate), Alva Feldmeier (Amnesty
International), and Rosemary Penwarden (Extinction Rebellion)

15:00–15:30 AFTERNOON TEA

Session 6A
Fields of Peace, Domains of Conflict: Contesting Methodology in Peace and Conflict Research

A Panel with Jeremy Simons, Hyukmin Kang, Alejandra Ortiz and Sam Oando

Session 6B
Forms of Contemporary Peacebuilding

Rachel Laird: Reaching Over and Across: Dialogue for Peace in Virtual Exchange

Joshua Campbell: Peacebuilding Through Volunteering

Joseph Llewellyn: Is Gandhi Relevant Today? A Discussion

16:30–17:15 Keynote 6 – Golriz Ghahraman
Member of Parliament for New Zealand's Green Party

Day 3

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Castle 1 Castle A Castle B Castle C
9:30–10:30 Keynote 7 – Eileen Babbitt and Tamra Pearson d'Estrée
Reflections on Putting Peace Scholarship into Practice
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA

Session 7A
Time for Change

Thomas Nash: "How to stop another Operation Burnham happening in the future"

Jane Verbitsky: Parihaka: Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and Development?

Session 7B
Reflections on a Life in Activism

Rachael Elder: Gender Violence

Tracy Scott: A Reflective Practioners Learning

Session 7C
Democratisation, Demilitarisation and the Gun Lobby

Alejandra Ortiz: On the Horns of a Dilemma: Colombian Soldiers Narratives and Their Willingness to Protect Civilians

Hera Cook: Christchurch

12:00–13:00 LUNCH BREAK (at the delegates' own expense)
13:00–14:00 Keynote 8 – Aotearoa-New Zealand Peace and Conflict Studies Trust