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Nudivirus infected cell 2020September 2020

Featured image: Volume microscopy of nudivirus infected cell.

See related article: Visualizing Nudivirus Assembly and Egress

August 2020

three-organisms image 1xVisualizing Nudivirus Assembly and Egress

Enveloped viruses hijack cellular membranes in order to provide the necessary material for virion assembly. In particular, viruses that replicate and assemble inside the nucleus have developed special approaches to modify the nuclear landscape for their advantage. We used electron microscopy to investigate cellular changes occurring during nudivirus infection and we characterized a unique mechanism for assembly, packaging, and transport of new virions across the nuclear membrane and through the cytoplasm.

June 2020

Skeletal Resorption in Bryozoans: Occurrence, Function and Recognition

microscopic structure thumbSkeletal resorption - the physiological removal of mineralised parts by an organism - is an important morphogenetic process in bryozoans. Reports of its occurrence and function across the phylum are patchy, however, and have not previously been synthesised. Here we show that resorption occurs routinely across a wide range of bryozoan clades, colony sizes, growth forms, ontogenetic stages, body wall types, skeletal ultrastructures and mineralogies.

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