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Justin Tirados
Justin Tirados.

Flow cytometry is used to analyse the physical and chemical characteristics of particles or cells carried in a fluid stream as they pass through at least one laser. Fluorescently-labelled cell components are excited by the laser to emit light at varying wavelengths, the emitted light is measured by detectors.

Flow cytometry is a particularly powerful technique because it allows researchers to rapidly, accurately and simply collect data related to many parameters from a heterogeneous population of cells within a liquid sample.

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Initial advice and consultation

Contact for initial advice and consultation:

Chair of the Flow Cytometry User Group:
Dr Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge

Services and techniques

  • Multi-colour flow cytometry
  • Cell sorting
  • Analysis workstation
  • Training and support resources
  • Spectral Cytometry
  • Experimental design
  • Data analysis
  • Sample prep


Project discussion with staff is essential prior to registration and training in the use of equipment.

All resources are subject to a minimum booking time of 30 minutes.

Our range of equipment

For advice on costs please contact

OMNI equipment use policy (PDF)

Flow cytometric analysers

Sorting (also known as FACS – Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorting)

FACS analysis

  • Analysis Computer and Software (FlowJo, Spice, OMIQ, SpectroFlo)

Technical consultation and services

We can help with all things 'flow' on different levels. We can help design the experiment for you to run or we can come to you and stain, acquire and analyze the data for you depending on your requirements.

Instrument Costs per hour

OMNI reserve the right to alter the costs of the service

Costs below are exclusive of any other consumables or chemicals used, these will be charged separately.

2024 Charges: Health Science Division (HSD) rates only apply to HSD Dunedin campus departments.

Per Hour
Per Hour

Flow Cytometry Analysis ASSISTED

$125 $500

Flow Cytometry Analysis UNASSISTED

$65 $260

Flow Cytometry Sorting ASSISTED

$125 $500

Flow Cytometry Data Analysis computer and software

$10 $45
Technical consultation $65 $260

Flow Cytometry 3-year projected charges (PDF)


Registration for users

View our video to learn how to register and book our equipment:

Introductory training

After registering you will have been given access to the University of Otago teams page that contains the following helpful resources;

  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Videos on how to use machines and software
  • Flow Cytometry Facility News
  • Current and important Flow Cytometry journals
  • A forum for discussing Flow Cytometry woes and achievements
  • Upcoming talks relating to Flow Cytometry (Basic and Advanced)

Once registered you will be invited to a training session with one of the Flow Cytometry facility staff. University staff and students must have completed their PC2 training in order to attend.

It is recommended you watch the flow beginners' video on Teams before attending training so you have a grasp of what the technique entails.

User Group

The User Group consists of members that represent University of Otago departments that use the Flow Cytometry unit and it advises the OMNI Academic Advisory Group on direction and strategy.

Visit About us for information about how our user groups work and how to make contact.

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