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15 Apr 2024

Cause of rare genetic condition discovered

An international team of researchers has discovered what causes an unusual and i...

Jon Cornwall thumbnail

22 Mar 2024

Shining a light on care of historic anatomy collections

From skeletons to specimens in jars, the care of historic human remains is an un...

Man vaping thumbnail

07 Mar 2024

Personality and mental health factors linked to vaping uptake

University of Otago researchers have discovered three psychological factors that...

Mother and surgeon in hospital with new born baby delivered via caesarean section image.

05 Mar 2024

Study shares wāhine Māori birth experiences

Improving the sometimes-devastating birth and post-natal experiences of wāhine M...

Rural outlook with green grass paddocks and rolling hills image.

04 Mar 2024

Study provides rural perspective on COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Health initiatives in rural areas need to be geographically tailored, culturally...

Richard Egan thumbnail

27 Feb 2024

Time is right to focus on spiritual care in the health system

Spirituality in healthcare is “coming of age”, says the Otago researcher co-lead...

Row of beds in a hospital ward image.

23 Feb 2024

Rural New Zealanders less likely to be admitted to hospital – study finds

Despite having poorer health outcomes than their urban counterparts, rural New Z...

First time dual winners of Premier Undergraduate Prize thumbnail

21 Feb 2024

First time dual winners of Premier Undergraduate Prize

For the first time, the Division of Health Sciences Premier Undergraduate Prize...

OMRF Summer Scholarships recipients

15 Feb 2024

Summer research projects a great opportunity for a taste of reality

Having a real research experience, with unexpected problems and outcomes, was a...

Medical professional administering vaccination into a persons arm

14 Feb 2024

Urban-rural vaccination divide underscores need for change

Visible gaps between rural and urban COVID-19 vaccination rates highlights the n...

Doctor holding stethoscope in hospital corridor thumbnail

15 Dec 2023

Doctors most trusted for COVID-19 advice

When it comes to advice about COVID-19, New Zealanders trust their doctors and h...

Lizzie and Annie Stevenson thumbnail

11 Dec 2023

Sister an inspiration for newly-graduated doctor

When Dr Lizzie Stevenson was thinking about becoming a doctor, she didn’t have t...

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